Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday was my 44th birthday. No, I don't mind telling my age! Ha. The picture above is what I woke up to that morning. We hardly ever get snow in Mississippi, especially snow that actually sticks to the ground, so this was a treat. I had snow-cream for breakfast! I loved it because it was very pretty all morning, but by lunch, most of it had melted, so the roads were good, and my power was still on! That's always a plus! My parents had planned to come to our house around noon and we were all going to eat lunch at Oh Bryans Steakhouse in Hamilton, AL. I didn't know they were in cahoots with my friends Kathy, David, and Josh, but they had been planning things behind my back the week before. Kathy, David, and Josh came and went with us to eat. We all had a wonderful day together. My parents gave me a pretty card and money. The Minnis family gave me a beautiful tea cup and saucer! (They had read an earlier blog about me drinking hot tea from a John Deere mug!) We talked alot; took loads of pictures; and shared many laughs! After my parents and the Minnis's left, Harold, Carolyn, and Claire came over. They gave me a really neat coaster set that I can put some favorite photo's inside each coaster. (oh and 2 dozen eggs! They have chickens) Carolyn's mother sent me a lovely handkerchief and pretty card. We celebrate birthdays for days around our house! My mother and father in law were going out of town, so she cooked supper for me last weekend. They gave me a pretty blue set of sheets. I had a very special day. I honestly was quite overwhelmed by all the cards, calls, and e-mails I received Sat. and Sun. I felt very undeserving, but greatly blessed!

Me and my parents.
Words can never express the love in my heart for those two people!

This is where I was born. It was a clinic 44 years ago.
It's a BBQ restaurant now!

The Minnis Family
Pretty package
My cup was surely overflowing that day!
The gang!
Cale, Noelle, & Josh on the way to eat.
Kathy telling me I'd better not take her picture!
Oh Bryans
Me and Noelle
The gang again!
My birthday lunch consisted of a rib-eye, baked potato and salad! Yum.
Carolyn, Claire, & Harold
Gift from Wilsons.


BECKY said...

Oh Liesa!! I am so glad that people showered you with birthday blessings!! You are such a super person, and really bless me!!

I have really missed visiting you and other bloggy friends, but hubby and 22 yo daughter have been dominating the computer!! Now I'm trying to play catch up during a very busy week!

AND your hair is adorable...I saw that post, but don't think I left a comment...hrruied off the computer I think!

Anyway, have a lovely day, and know that I'd give you a birthday hug if I could! I really value your friendhsip!!

Mrs. C said...

Happy very belated Birthday, Liesa! I'm glad you got to spend it with those you love the most. ;)