Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farewell To Snick

Snick Greene George passed away October 17, 2009. He was preceded in death by his Mother Kick-Stand. He is survived by his family, Cale, Noelle, Liesa, and Scot George, his grandparents,
and many many friends. His final resting place is in the backyard of his families home.

I have procrastinated with this post for over a month now. Crying makes my head hurt! But, I decided this morning that I want to write about our dear family member Snick Greene George during this Thanksgiving week. Snick passed away Saturday, October17, 2009. He had been sick for over a year. Snick brought much joy and laughter into our lives from the very first day we lay eyes on this little black puppy! I haven't scanned the pictures we found last week of when we first brought Snick home, but I'll add those later. He was so loving, forgiving, and loyal...and so very intelligent. He was Cale's best friend. I stood on the back deck watching as Cale dug his best friend's grave; just broke my heart. We put Snick in a Rubbermaid Box that we had lined with folded sheets. Noelle wanted something of hers in there with him, so she placed under him a piece of brown silky material that had been cut off her curtains earlier and we covered him with a 'western' cowboy sheet Cale had when he was little. After Cale and Scot buried him, Cale got on his 4 wheeler and went looking for rocks to place on top of the grave. When I went out later, he had the grave covered neatly with rocks. My mother brought some red roses and the little boy and girl statues. She said that way Noelle and Cale would always be out there with him. Scot scratched Snick's name on one of the rocks. A couple of weeks ago I set out some tulip bulbs around his grave. That will cheer us all up come Spring. I told Cale to let us know when he is ready for another dog. He replied that it would be a while. Isn't it amazing how something that can't speak and converse with you takes over your heart and can be so special to a family and touch so many lives outside the family. I'm getting teary, so I will close with this. I thank the Lord for giving us over 10 years with our dear Snick. To read a post about Snick I wrote over a year ago, click here: http://lifebygeorge.blogspot.com/2008/11/thanks-living-pic-4.html


Mrs. C said...


What a precious tribute to Snick. He sounds like the perfect family dog.

Megan said...

Liesa, I so understand the bond with family pets. My parents are going through the same thing with their dog of 14 years. He is not doing well and possibly facing putting him to sleep. SO sad! Our dogs are like family members. It is so heartbreaking after all they help us through. :)

BECKY said...

Hello My Friend,
My heart is heavy over your family's loss. We have had two furry family members depart this world, and it is so difficult. It is amazing that they truly do become part of us. I can't imagine our lives without Cooper Penny, or Critta.

Love ya, sweet Liesa, and am praying that your Thanksgiving is full of joy, thanks, and new precious memories with family and friends. And may God heal all of your aching hearts.


Kathey, David, and Josh said...

This makes me cry too! Kathey

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a sweet tribute to your faithful family friend! I dread the day when I have to say goodbye to my faithful 13-year-old dog Duke! We have already gotten another dog to keep Duke company in his old age and it seems to have perked him up. ha Blackie looks a lot like your Snick as a matter of fact!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!