Thursday, November 12, 2009

Noelle's 21st Birthday, 11-01-09

Noelle, the day before her birthdayNew purse? No, lunch box!
Noelle collects Nutcrackers. She's talking for her newest one!

Pretty flowers for our pretty girl!

Not too old for a hug with Dad.

Lunch at Taco Bell on birthday.
Noelle opened her birthday card which had a little shopping money enclosed.

Noelle's birthday was on a Sunday, so we served pizza and cake after the Sunday night service.

Noelle and Cale

21 year olds still have to blow out candles!

Everyone in line for pizza!

Noelle, Cale, Matt, Brooke, Jessie, and Erin stop eating long enough to smile!

May you be blessed with a terrific year!

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