Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Spartan Practice

Thursday, November 12th was the last Spartan practice for the season. We met at beautiful Veterans Park. Instead of running, the team played ultimate Frisbee. Coach Heather divided the teams by age groups so there were actually two games going on at separate places. The kids had a wonderful time playing Frisbee. We parents enjoyed watching them and having some fun of our own. The day had been so nice and warm, but by practice time, it was beginning to get dark and the temperature had dropped to make for a cool evening.
Liesa & Kathy

Lisa Joy and Liesa Jo

I've shared before how the Spartan team and the parents are all such sweet fine people. We've become so close with most of them...I thank God for them all.
Liesa & Julie

The park is home to several duck and geese families.

Can you tell? These two are sisters! Great gals!

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