Friday, November 20, 2009

The End Of A Great Spartan XC Season

Congratulations to the Spartans for a season well-run and well-done!

I'm so proud of each of you. What an honor and privilege it has been to know you and for Cale to be a part of such a great team. KEEP SHININ'! Looking forward to 2010 XC season.

A special thank you to Coach Heather! This lady puts 110% into this team, for free I might add! Thank you Coach Heather for your time, your encouragement, dedication, care, spunk, and love that you show each and every Spartan from the youngest to the oldest, and from the slowest to the fastest! You are very much appreciated and loved!

The first person I saw when we arrived at the race was this little guy (Preston). His momma had given him a chair and a quilt and he was sitting there so peaceably.

My friend and fellow blogger Marilyn works at Sav~A~Life. I was thrilled to visit with her before and after the race.

The great cause for the day was Sav~A~Life "The Hope Building Project"

This picture was on the wall inside the Sav~A~Life building

Ma Ma G and Cale

The Spartans were interviewed by The Homeschool Channel.

3 generations of runner/walkers!

Mrs. Bobbie finishing the race. Her husband had already finished and went back to cheer her on. This couple has really been an inspiration to me. They are 2o years my senior! Such sweet folks!

Cale with his 3rd place trophy.
We are proud of you Cale!
Coach Heather graciously accepting her trophy.

When we arrived at the Gunnels home for the end of the season party, this swing immediately drew Nora Ann and me to it~ We had a fit over it! We took pictures to Pa Pa G asking him to make us both one.
I loved this shuffleboard/hopscotch drawing!
Notice the length!

Some of us momma's played HORSE.
Here is Lisa Joy shooting with Amy looking on.

And Susan scores!

Lots of talking and visiting going on!

Mr. Gunnels and his lovely wife Natalie were our hosts.
He is welcoming us to their home and about to bless our food.

Lunch with friends!

How cute is this young man...looks like a Kodak moment to me!


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