Monday, February 9, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: February 9, 2009

Outside my window... I see the beautiful sunshine.

I am thinking...I want to be more organized this week.

I am thankful for...being in the center of God's will.

From the learning rooms...Cale will have a short day in school today due to still being weak from the stomach flu. His day will include Math, English, Spelling, and of course his daily Bible reading. He is reading Cowboy Boots In Darkest Africa, by Dr. Bill Rice

From the kitchen...I smell coffee!! I am going to whip up a bread puddin' later today. Go here for recipe:

I am wearing...An old blue housedress and PINK houseshoes.

I am creating...a more organized home.

I am going...on a date with my husband tomorrow.

I am reading...Leviticus & Mark

I am hoping...Cale gets his appetite back soon.

I am hearing...The songs playing from my Playlist

Around the house...2 or 3 loads of clothes need washing, drying, and put away.

One of my favorite things...Valentines Day

A few plans for the rest of the week: Scot and I hope to go to Tupelo tomorrow and enjoy a late lunch together and do some shopping. I will purchase and mail Valentines! And of course, School and Chores.

Here is picture thought I am sharing..

Happy Valentines Day By George!

Thank you for reading my Daybook!
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Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very cute. I need to do one of these!!! Hope you and hubby enjoy your time tomorrow!! My hubby is coming home Friday evening and we are planning on going to the Sweetheart's Banquet at church, but to be honest with you, I'd rather just get a pizza and watch a video, so we could just be together. Enjoy your day. Hope your little one feels better soon!!!

Roan said...

Jimmy is on call Valentine's Day! I guess we will celebrate Friday night.
Liesa, I read your blog everytime you update it, but I rarely comment. You truly are a blessing to me. You are such a godly example of kindness and inner beauty. Just wanted you to know! Love,

Roan said...

I really like this Simple Woman Daybook. I would like to do this when I finish the monumental task of posting my DW pics (really just one more day to go). How often do you do this Simple Woman's Daybook?

UKZoe said...

We don't homeschool but I also have a sick kiddo. Hoping he's well enough tomorrow he has a thing booked at a nearby university, that they've put on for the local gifted kids.