Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Bear" With Me!

"Bear" with me, one more valentine post and I'll start with something else next time, I promise! I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Valentines Day! My family celebrated together last night. This afternoon, my daddy is taking his 'sweethearts' out! (includes Mother, me, and my family) We usually pick something up at the local restaurant on Friday nights, but last night, I cooked supper. I cooked pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls. We usually eat at the bar, but I set the table, and also placed every one's valentine gift and card at their place. As I was putting the finishing touches on the meal, Scot sneaked my card on my plate! Cale hid Noelle's gift in her chair! We had a delicious meal together, indulged in chocolates for dessert, then settled down in the living room and watched "Fireproof" for the second time. Have you seen it? If not, go rent it, or better yet, buy it. I plan to buy it sometime. I cried during several scenes, again! Well, this is it for blogging this Valentines Day. I have to say before I close this post, that above all else, I'm thankful for God's love. I'm thankful that He saw fit to send His Only Begotten Son to die in my place. I thank the Lord Jesus for dying willingly for me and for being so real in my life. Does Jesus live in your heart? Friend, I recommend Him. As an old song says, "Until you've known the loving hand that reaches down to fallen man, and picks him from out of sin where he has trod. Until you've known just how it feels to know that God is really real, then you've known nothing until you've known God and his love."
Noelle's gift from Cale.
(Dean Martin CD and card)


Cale had a bag full of candy and fishing 'stuff'.

Noelle and Cale checking out their Dad's candy!

Noelle's gift from us.
(Cherished Teddies, Robin Hood and Marian)
They look perfect on the shelf with....
Prince Charming and Cinderella.


Susan said...

You had a great evening! Wes and I went out with two other couples from our church. We don't usually "do" Valentine's gifts, but yesterday morning there was a stuffed bear couple sitting on our bed holding a box. It had a necklace and earrings set! He gave me the jewelry early so I could wear it on our date last night. I was so excited, but I felt bad because I just got him a card. He likes to surprise me, though - I'm spoiled!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Loved hearing how you spent the night! The meal you made sounds yummy! Hubby sent me a beautiful orchid plant. I hope it doesn't die!! And then a beautiful pair of pj's I opened this morning. What a surprise! He hasn't given me pj's for years!! Very nice and comfy. And all I gave him was candy!!! But he seemed happy with it. Hope the rest of your day goes well!!!

GraceFromHim said...

Aww sounds like a special night for your family!

I am exited about the rest of our evening. I will share on my blog later. We are on our way to go to the Valentines Banquet at church now :)
Thanks for sharing, I never get sick of reading about is a special day with ones we LOVE :)

Megan said...

Such a cute Valentine's celebration! I will have to remember that when I have my own kids/family! :)

BECKY said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time, Liesa!! And like you did a lovely job of making it special!!

I love what you said about God and His Great love for us. Truly unfathomable, isn't it? I'm so very thankful to be joint heirs with Jesus! And sisters in Christ with YOU!! :o)

Have a joyful, restful, Sunday!!

~~Deby said...

Oh I think adding another V-day post was looks like yours was wonderful....
I truly cannot comphrend the love of God for us, but I am sure glad HE does...where would we be without it (hell).....
Have a wonderful Lord's day

Miekie said...

I so enjoyed your Valentine posts! My family also had a great evening after a very hectic day. (Blogged about in on my family blog Thanks for your inspiration