Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Tea Cup Experience

My first experience of drinking 'hot tea' out of a 'tea cup' occurred the other day. Last Tue., when Scot and I went to Tupelo, I looked at a couple of places for a tea cup, but didn't find one. I have zillions of mugs, but there's just something delicate and pretty about having a cup of tea.
A cup of tea should be 'a moment'. Or at least it sounds like it should! So, I climbed up and got this tea cup down from among my other pretty dishes sitting on top of my cabinets. I honestly never planned to use this cup. The number one reason was I didn't like hot tea. The number two reason was a dear couple from the first church we pastored gave it to me over 10 years ago. (for no special reason, isn't that sweet?) I have treasured this cup and saucer through the years and was 'protecting' it by not using it. I really wanted to experience drinking my new found love for Snowberry tea in a pretty cup, so I washed the dust off of it, poured my tea, and I felt like I was in a fancy tea room sipping tea with the best of them! I will be very careful with my cup and saucer, but I do plan to use it and have my special moment of tea time sipping from it. I know it's all in my mind but the tea really did taste better out of this tea cup than it did in my coffee mugs! Tea anyone?


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I agree!! Dust them off and use them!! Pretty cup!!!

GraceFromHim said...

Beautiful! My favorite is Ice Tea.

Loretta said...

I agree completely. The tea really does taste better out of a pretty teacup!

Anita said...

Hi, Jeff and I had our date night tonight and went to Baskin-Robbins for the $1 scoop night. I had two scoops of strawberry cheesecake ice cream on a waffle cone....one scoop was for you! It was delicious!

BTW, Loretta from the post above is Jeff's dear cousin.

Roan said...

Use the special things! That's what they are for!
I still just like coffee, but I have 3 "special" cups that I use. One is a huge lime green mug I got from Disney World.
Hope to see yall soon.

Rachel Smith said...

I agree! I just came to the realization a few months ago myself with my children and my nice dinner plates. Why do I save my nice china and dinner plates only for company? Shouldn't I share them and enjoy them with the ones I love the most in my life: my husband and children. So now we eat dinner on the nice plates and china. The kids noticed right away. Boy did they feel special, and they are. So are you; enjoy your nice tea cup!

Also, you are right. Tea does taste better in a dainty little tea cup. There is something so feminine and romantic about it! My fondest memories of spending time with my friends and family have been in quaint little tea rooms. We went to one with all of the little girls for Chloe's 7th birthday.

Julie's Journal said...

I love hot tea! Your tea cup is really pretty too.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Love the tea cup.. and love tea.
I have found a new love for it here in Canada. Canadians like their coffee and tea, but since I'm not a coffee drinker, it had to be the tea. You will be served coffee or tea after every meal here, or if you stop by for a visit.
Seems I didn't have much choice:)