Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mother's Birthday/Daddy's Birthday- 2010

We took Daddy and Mother to O'Charleys for supper Saturday evening, January 23. The next day, January 24, my daddy would celebrate his 68th birthday. Our friends David, Kathy, and Josh met us at the restaurant. Daddy didn't know they were eating with us! He was very happy they joined us. This cake was divine! It was such a huge piece that after daddy ate all he wanted, we passed it around the table! :)
My precious daddy
Me, Mother, and Kathy
We were posing for David to take a picture and Cale took this one.
My mother celebrated her 64th birthday January 8th. We took her out to eat also but I failed to get any pictures.

David, Scot, and Noelle

Kathy, Josh, Cale, and Daddy

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BECKY said...

How blessed you are dear friend to be able to celebrate with your parents!! And how blessed they are to have you as well!! I know you make them SO proud!!
Love ya,