Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aunt Sandra's Surprise Party

December 19, 2009
Happy 60th Birthday to San!

Everyone waiting to yell "SURPRISE"!

And it was a surprise!

Ezzell's BBQ catered the food.
We all enjoyed pork, chicken, and all the trimmings!

Whewww, lots of candles! :)

Sandra let her grandchildren blow out the candles!

We played a game. We had 2 teams participate.

I gave both teams a list of items that they had to come up with out of their purses or billfolds.
They had 5 minutes to see which team could come up with the most items! (Items included: postage stamp, eye drops, tylenol, chapstick, 5o dollar bill, movie ticket stub, receipt, Walmart card, face powder, bandana hanky, tweezers, pepper spray, ...)

And then, we played The Newlywed game.

We had the original Peden brother and sisters and their spouses to participate. One word: HILARIOUS! I was the host and they just had me rolling! So funny.

Sandra and Boyd Lee

The winners were Ann and Truman.
They won chocolate, vitamins for people over 50, and a pretty nightgown.

Sandra received many nice gifts.

Sandra with her children:
Karissa, Sandra, Jonathon

The Peden children-
From left to right: The baby, Cathy, Sandra, Brinda, Nora Ann (my mother in law), and Truman

After the food, fellowship, and games, Kerry gave a presentation of some family history which was very interesting. He was stressing the importance of each family passing along the legacy of good Christian families from generation to generation. He encouraged us to put Christ as the number one priority in our homes and families. He did a great job; I think just about everyone teared up. It was very touching. I am very thankful for my husbands family. I'm blessed to be a part of it.

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Kathey, David, and Josh said...

Its always good when the older relatives tell about what has gone on in a family so that the younger generation can keep that information and pass it on, especially as you said their Christian heritage.