Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Morn at Home Sweet Home

Our first Christmas in our new home.

It's not the place, it's the people.

It's not the outward, it's the inward.

OH WOW!!!! Cale gave Scot a cordless drill.

Hmmmm, I bet his mind was going wild about now with all the things he could do with this!

Noelle gave Scot jeans and I gave him 2 new outfits.

Cale got needful things. We couldn't get his puppy until New Years Eve, and we wanted him to have some gifts to open. He needed new shirts and warm ups, so that's what he opened on Christmas morn. Noelle gave him 2 new shirts also.

Noelle found lotion, mirror, chap stick, bubble bath, and favorite candies in her stocking.

What is in the stocking? This year it held Sudoku books, favorite candies, lotion, chap stick, etc.

Noelle is hugging her books! She also got a coat, scarf, and gloves. Cale gave her 2 cd's that she had wished for.

Christmas morning, Cale got money to go buy this sweet baby!

Noelle loves her coat, scarf, and gloves!

This is my surprise gift from Scot. (notice the small long gift duck taped on top) (screw driver!) He got me a coat, but I tried it on, so I knew I was getting it. Scot's rule for Christmas is that you CANNOT know everything you are getting; there has to be a surprise. You'd be SURPRISED to hear all the stories I could tell from the past 25 Christmas's and birthdays that involves Scot's surprises! Rolls of duck tape and paper, rocks, and locking me out of the house are just a small part of all the PRECIOUS memories!

"Oh, you made me something!" (yea right!) lol. Inside the cardboard box was a wooden box, SCREWED TOGETHER! What a guy!

Forget the screwdriver; I'm sure glad Cale bought Scot a drill!

Lodge cast iron skillet

Don't think Scot did me bad! ha. I had wished for one of these. He was with me when I was looking at them. I had one when we married, but didn't appreciate it like I should have and sold it in a yard sale years later. My mother's corn bread was always cooked in one of these, and it was ALWAYS delicious! I will appreciate this one and take very good care of it. Cale gave me pink fuzzy house shoes and Noelle gave me some new Winter wall flower refills.

What a woman can do with a drill and a fryin' pan!

Me and my sweetie!

Our new coats!

And a Merry Christmas was had by all....because of LOVE!


Megan said...

I am SO loving your gift and how it was wrapped! How cute! I may have to use that next year! Ha!

Mrs. C said...

I just caught up on my blog-reading and had to tell you that the picture of you holding the skillet and drill brought such a smile to my face! :)