Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remington Gauge George

If you read my blog regularly, you know that our sweet Snick passed away in October. Our hearts were broken and we still miss him terribly. I told Cale that when he got ready for another dog to let us know. He told me that it would probably be a while before he wanted another dog, so we were thinking maybe next spring or summer. Cale told me one day last week that he had dreamed that he got a dog. He told me what kind of dog he dreamed about. Cale likes to read our County Shopper and the Classified Ads in the Daily Journal Newspaper. I didn't think about him keeping an eye on the dogs for sale, but the very next day after he told me about his dream, he came to me with the classified section of the paper and pointed to an ad about some Border Collie puppies for sale. He said that was the first time Border Collies had been advertised in several weeks. We told him to think about what he really wanted. He had asked for a weight set or a new bike for Christmas. We explained that due to the price of the puppy, we wouldn't be able to get it and another big gift. He thought on it for a while and came to me and told me he decided on the puppy. So, I call the number and talked to a very nice lady about her pups. When Scot got home from work, we discussed it with him, I then called the lady back and set up an appointment to go look at them. She lives near Oxford, which is about two hours from us. Cale, Noelle, and I picked up the Minnis's on the way and here we all go dog-hunting! The lady I had spoken to on the phone was very nice and we could all tell that she adored her pets. She had horses and Border Collies. She also had some kind of hunting dog in a cage in her living room that she had rescued. It showed up at her church one day. She tried to find it's owner and with no luck doing so, she ended up bringing the dog home with her. She named her Grace. Grace loved the puppies. She would go to them and lick them. Her tongue was almost as big as the puppies were! I had told Cale before we got there that if these puppies were not what he expected, or if he changed his mind about them, to just let me know and we wouldn't get one. We went in and we all oohed and awwed over them for a while. Then, we backed away and let Cale look and play with all of them. He very carefully made his decision. The puppies won't be 6 weeks old until the week after Christmas, so we won't get to bring it home until then. We are all so anxious to get him. Cale named this sweet little boy Remington Gauge George. We will call him Remington. I am very thankful that God heals our hearts and helps us make room in them to love more than one person or pet at a time. Cale still misses Snick terribly, but he has opened up his heart to love another. Cale is a dog's dream owner. He's very patient, kind, and loves to play and teach them things. That is why Snick was so smart and loving; he had a good teacher. I will post more pictures as soon as we go get Remington.
They all piled up and rested!

Cale making his decision. It was hard to choose.
They were all so sweet.

The puppy on the right is Remington. He looks like a guinea pig from the front to me!
His markings are very unique as well. He wasn't overly hyper, but wasn't extremely lazy either.
Cale holding Remington
On the way home, we ate at McAlisters in Oxford!

Check out these State fans in front of an Ole Miss sign! (David & Kathy)

After we left the restaurant, David drove us around the Ole Miss Campus. The kids and I had never been there. I'd like to go back sometime in the daytime. We had a very good night.

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Congratulations Cale! Sounds like Remington will be coming to a great home. Cale sounds a lot like our David. He was always so good and patient with animals. He's the reason Duke is so smart. I think he misses his dog that got lost or stolen last year.

God bless!