Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas With The Minnis Family

Saturday, December 12, our friends David, Kathy, & Josh, my parents, & my family got together for Christmas. We met at our local restaurant for supper, then came to our home for desserts and gifts. We've been celebrating Christmas with the Minnis family for many years now. It's a time we always look forward to. I was very excited for them to open their gifts. I knew they'd love what we got them. I put three chairs in the middle of the room to where they couldn't see each other's gift. I had bought each of them a Mississippi State Bulldog ornament. All three ornaments were the same except that I monogrammed each ornament with their individual names.

I was right! They loved their ornaments. It's hard to see the ornaments in the picture. I wish I had taken a close up of the ornament itself.

They went back to where they were sitting and opened another gift from us. Remember, I am an Ole Miss fan! I broke down and bought Josh and David Mississippi State t shirts and hats. We got Kathy a pink Mississippi State hoody. They loved these gifts as well.

The Minnis's gave my daddy a nice shirt. Noelle and Cale watched him open it. They gave my mother a gift card from LifeWay Book Store. They both liked their gifts.

Kathy could hardly wait for Scot to open his gift from them. She bought him A Look at Life From A Deer Stand Devotional. The author Steve Chapman signed the book to Scot. He has kept this book beside the recliner and I've seen him reading it quite a bit. They gave Noelle a gift card from Ulta, a new store in the mall that is a girl's dream store. They have all kinds of make up, fragrances, hair and bath I said, a girl's dream store! Cale received a gift card from Dick's store, which is a store in the mall that has everything you need from hunting and fishing to exercising, running, tennis, etc. Scot and Cale love to shop in Dick's!

Now, let's talk about the gift my dear friends gave me! Let me tell you about last years gift first. You may have read "About Me" on my blog sidebar...well, in those few paragraphs, I share a few of my dislikes. David chose one of my dislikes which happens to be oysters and gave me a can of oysters last year for Christmas. This year, he chose cough syrup! I will cough til the cows come home before I take cough syrup; it honestly makes me sick to think about swallowing it...just give me a pill! The gift box was Big and Pretty. I opened it carefully and found a small box inside. Inside that small box was another small get the picture. If anyone needs some cough syrup, I have a spare bottle! My real gift was a pair of beautiful sterling silver cross earrings and my favorite perfume, Tova. I rarely buy Tova for myself, so this was such a treat. Tova smells like nothing I've ever's so clean and warm...not soapy clean. I just love it. Tova is my all time favorite thing to smell!

Here I am with my cough syrup! YUCK!

After we exchanged gifts, we enjoyed coconut pie, banana nut bread, tea cakes, coffee, tea, and cola's. We sat around the table and talked for quite a while. David, Kathy, and Josh are very special to us. I have blogged about them many times before, but once again, I have to say that they are the closest thing to a sister, brother in law, and nephew I'll ever have in this life. Thirty years ago this summer, God allowed mine and Kathy's paths to cross and I will forever be thankful for such a treasure as our friendship.

David and Kathy discussing something....

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