Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My New Christmas Ornament

Lisa Joy and Liesa Jo

A few weeks ago after I dropped the boys off at Cross Country practice, I went on to park the van. After I parked, I started walking up the hill to the track and there came my friend Lisa Joy (she's a JOY, I'm a JO!) coming down the hill toward me. She said, "Come with me, I have a gift for you!" I said, "A gift for me? I love gifts!" And here we went like two little girls to her vehicle, almost skipping, and definitely giggling! When we got to the van, she pulled out a bag with pretty "PINK" paper. I pushed the paper over so I could see down in the bag, and I saw more PINK; a pretty soft pastel PINK! I ever so carefully pulled the gift from the bag to discover a BEAUTIFUL pale PINK MONOGRAMMED CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT with PINK ROSES on it! All things I love! The ornament had my name (spelled correctly) on it, so I knew she hadn't just happened by this ornament. (cannot find anything with my name spelled like I spell it) She went on to tell me that she had found the ornament on EBay, and that the first one they sent her was misspelled (e before i), so she contacted them, and they sent her another one with the i before the e. Lisa pays attention to details...she knew that pink is my favorite color, pink roses are one of my two favorite flowers, I love monogrammed anything, and I collect Christmas ornaments. What is the big deal you may ask....She got on line which took of her time, she was thinking of me, she looked for something unique to give, how sweet and generous is that! I have to tell you a bit about Lisa now. I met her in 2008 at Spartan practices. I met her sister Julie first, and then, put it all together that they were sisters, etc. Lisa and I really didn't talk a whole lot last year, just now and then. One of the first things I discovered about Lisa is that of course our first names are the same (spelling different), and that our middle names are similar. My middle name is Jo (Mother almost put the y to it) and Lisa's is Joy! So, I started calling her Lisa Joy...all because our names are so much alike. This year, she and I walked a good bit together and would always look for each other at the practices and races. She has a good sense of humor, she's a terrific young mother, and believe it or not...she shared with me just a few months ago, that when she first met me, she thought I was snooty! Why did she think I was snooty??? I asked the same question! Here is ready? Because I always had my hair fixed and makeup on! Funny, huh? By the end of this year, she told me that she believed that I'd even love a snake! I told her that was going a bit far! ha. Funny how we think certain things of people just because of the way they look or carry themselves, isn't it? I'm glad she didn't stick with her first impression of me. She is my dear friend and I cherish the bond she and I have formed. This post started out about my new Christmas ornament and actually ended with "this is the moral of the story". And maybe this post is of no interest to anyone...but to me, it's like a "Dear Diary" thing; something I never want to forget. Thanks Lisa for the pretty ornament and especially for all the kindness you've shown to me and for the smiles you're always ready to share. Life is grand!


Deborah said...

Very pretty! and I loved the story too. If I ever spell your name wrong, it's because my youngest son's birthmom spells her name Leisa!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

It's a very pretty ornament!! And I've had people say the same thing about me!!! I love your picture!!!

Em said...

How sweet! In these days rushing around, how special, indeed, for her to take the TIME to do such a thing! She was thinking of you, but now, every time you look at your tree, you'll be thinking of her. Aren't friends just one of God's most wonderful gifts?

I personally think you are BOTH a JOY!

Enjoy your ornament!

Megan said...

Loving it! Such a sweet friend! I also love your new Christmas picture!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a sweet treasure Lisa gave you! It's beautiful. Also, I love your new Christmas picture of your family!


Sharon said...

That is a beautiful ornament and very special from your dear friend! I enjoyed the post. :) It IS funny how we make first impressions of people and are sometimes wrong. My good friend and I said the same thing about each other!!! Snobs!!! :D