Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday To Cale

Happy 17th birthday to Cale Scot George.
It's such a pleasure and joy to be the Mother of such a fun-loving, kind, generous, and easy going child. Cale is so not like me, and very much like his daddy. He thinks things through, he is soft spoken, a non-worrier, very adventurous, and quiet young man. I have to add one more adjective...MISCHIEVOUS!
Cale melts this Mother's heart. "Mom" comes from his lips and I can just feel my inner self getting all soft and gooey. The very last day of 1992, we brought this Big bundle of joy home and it's been like living in a theme park ever since! Cale is so much fun and unreadable, so you just never know what is next! Cale is a private person, unemotional on the outside; and thinks we people who are so emotional waste alot of time and energy! Ha.
He is an appreciative young man, always so thankful for anything anyone does for him or gives him. Lazy is a no-no to Cale; he is a hard worker and expects everyone else to be so. And one more thing I have to share...Cale is not a quitter! He sticks with and finishes whatever he starts. He hates kisses, but is always ready to give his Mom a hug! I learn so much from my son...oh to be more like him. Happy Birthday Cale and much love from Mom...(WOW) (between me and Cale)
Baby Cale

First day in home school

He does love pancakes!
Sweet tea!

Cale shares his birthday with Bro. Tony.
Happy Birthday Bro. Tony!

My laid back, easy going boy.


Roan said...

(this is actually Julie)

Kathey, David, and Josh said...

Happy Birthday Cale, Go Spartan! , 1 Peter 2:5. A Spartan king was boasting to a visiting ruler about the walls of Sparta when he pointed to his bodyguard of magnificent troops and said, "These are the walls of Sparta. Every man is a brick." You are a living stone in the House of God,make your life a service to our God and His work. Enjoy the Day!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Cale! He sounds like a wise young man.

Nathan said...

Wow he looks the same. Happy birthday Cale

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Happy Birthday Cale! May God bless you greatly in your quest to be His servant!

Marilyn...in Mississippi