Thursday, May 6, 2010

Scot's Birthday, part 2

Sunday, April 25th, (Sunday before Scot's birthday) our dear friends David, Kathy, and Josh surprised us at church.  We were thrilled to see them.  We all ate lunch at The Park Restaurant after the morning service. They gave Scot a new missionary book for his birthday.

Our wonderful church family gave him a beautiful card and a check.


The Georges

April 28, 44 years ago, my prince was born!

Noelle and Cale gave Scot some Carhart jeans and a blue polo.  I gave him a pair of Lee jeans, 3 t shirts for work and 2 ties.  


Did ya'll read my blog on my birthday?  Remember the shovel???  Cale bought this light 'thingy' for his baby chickens (for warmth).  Cale suggested we wrap it just for the fun of we did.  After Scot opened it, Noelle asked what it was and what it was for....Scot knew...He said "This is for Cale's baby chickens!"  Never know what you'll unwrap in George ville!

On to Memphis.....Loved this ad on the side of a van.

We stopped at TJ Max in Germantown so Noelle could look for some more pieces to her Eiffel Tower dishes.  She purchased several pieces.


They are advertising the BBQ sauce.

Happy birthday Scot!

Scot's lunch

Even our wonderful waiter Bernard got in on the celebration.  We didn't even ask for dessert and he brought Scot a dessert and told us to join in with him as he sang 'Happy Birthday'.  The man at the table next to us joined in as well!  Fun!

Noelle is getting a taste!

On to Scot and Cale's favorite shopping place....Bass Pro Shop!

How does this look?

Notice the leather strap on Scot's shoulder.  That is one of the things he bought with his birthday money.  I forget the name of it, but I called it a 'Leather Purse' to hold his arrows!

Noelle and I tried out the camouflage furniture!  It was very comfy. 

This picture made me chuckle!


Check out time....

I helped!

We had a wonderful day together.  Scot left us a note the next morning that said  "Thanks family for a happy birthday."   He's our rock, our glue, our strong-hold,  My very terrific and special husband and friend, and Noelle and Cale's daddy, Christian example and leader....oh, and he's loads of fun too!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Is there a Part 3 coming? I barely get a day and usually have to remind my children to even wish me a Happy Birthday! Never when hubby is home though.

Shows how much your family is loved!!!

Jennifer said...

Happiest birthday wishes to your Hubbie! Looks like you had a good time of celebrating...I just love birthdays! I hope that you had a Mother's Day that was just as special, as well.

Have a wonderful week!!

Sarah said...

Ohhhh that outfit Noel picked out is soo funny!! I love it!! That would defenatly be my pick haha :)