Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend, 2010

We began celebrating Mother's Day Thursday night, May 6 at New Union Baptist Church's Mother-Daughter Banquet.  Pictured above: Scot's Mother Nora Ann, Scot's sister Kim, and me.

Lots of good food catered from Swamp John's
(BBQ/Chicken fingers & all the trimmings!)

The ladies decorated the tables in different themes again this year.  Nora Ann and I sat at this "Chicken" table that Melissa decorated.  Pictured above is Melissa with her mother and mother in law.  There were tables with these themes also:  Teacher, Candy, Flower Garden, Hawaiian, American, Truck driving, Ocean, Music, etc.  All were very pretty.

Sisters: Brinda and Nora Ann

Pastor's wife Tammy

I failed to get the speaker's name, but she was a blessing.  She testified to the fact of God's faithfulness and goodness during times of sickness.

Sarah Fowler with her sisters and mother.
Their harmony was very pretty.
Sarah also sang a solo; one of my favorites: Alabaster Box.  She did an excellent job.

Saturday evening, we met my parents at Belmont Restaurant for supper.  We gave my mother a card that sings when you open it and some shopping money!  The song the card played was "Blessed" by Martina McBride.

After we ate and visited a little while with my parents, we went to Scot's parent's house.  We gave his mother a  pretty card and a book written by former New Union Church Member Chadrick Black.  He wrote a wonderful book, The Greatest Harvest.  Scot and I encourage everyone to read it.  Chad and his twin brother Chan were just little boys when Scot and I married.  We are so proud of him.

Sunday morning (Mother's Day), our church presented beautiful pink carnations to all mothers.  Scot would call on the family member (husband, son, or grandson) to present the flower to their special mother.

Some of the sweet mothers.

Bro. Harold even got on his knees to his bride of almost 50 years.

Doyle and Candace

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey

If the mother didn't have family there, Cale presented them with their flower.

Scot preached a wonderful message titled "Some Things My Mother Taught Me"

Here comes the funny and sweet, yet tiring part of our day!  Ya'll know how I like to eat and shop at Cracker Barrel!  Well, my family was going to surprise me with a Mother's Day lunch there.  Remember that we drive around 40 miles to church....Cracker Barrel is another 30 or so miles from here we go...Family is thinking that by the time we get there, the crowd will have thinned out a bit....WRONG!  We waited for an hour...and then another 40 minutes to get our food & DRINK!   I laughed and said "I'm really going to enjoy this if I don't pass out from hunger first!"   The store was so crowded, I couldn't shop, so Scot and I just stood still and talked.  Noelle and Cale went back to the van waiting on us to call them when our name was called.

We all survived...had a very good time together...and lunch was very delicious.

After we left Cracker Barrel, we drove back to Amory hospital to meet Eli Presley Reeves and to visit with his family.  Eli was born Saturday night.  His family are members at our church.

This tag struck me funny when I saw it in the hospital parking lot.

Bro. Harvey Ware (Missionary) preached at our church Sunday night.

Bro. Ware's friends Mr. and Mrs. Wren visited also. 
Our family, Bro. Ware and the Wrens enjoyed supper at The Plantation Restaurant after church.  And once again, the restaurant was packed with mothers and their families!!!

"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You"  was playing loud when I opened my pretty Mother's Day card from Noelle and Cale.

Noelle gave me this boat paddle.  I saw it when we went to Memphis week before last.  I am hanging it over the bath tub in our guest bathroom.

A closer look.

By the end of the day, this was the best smile I could muster up...I was so very exhausted from a busy weekend.      Also included in the weekend was CHENM graduation that I volunteered at, Scot and Cale's camping trip Friday night and part of the day Saturday, grocery shopping, etc.  It was a good but busy weekend.   I'm thankful for all the wonderful mothers in my life, especially my mother and mother in law, and for my precious children who call me mom...mommy...mother...mumsy....mommaliesa....


Mrs. C said...

Sounds like you had a fun, exhausting weekend! :) I love the idea of giving a flower to every mother at church. We did that at our little church in Georgia. Since we have several hundred mothers at our church, we just give flowers to the oldest mother, the mother w/the most children present, and the mother w/the most visitors present.

I had to chuckle when I read about your Cracker Barrel experience. We've had that same thing happen to us before, but it was really rough because all four kids were little at the time. :)

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Friend!! So good to visit today! Sure have missed ya, but I am BAAACK!!

I just have to say Liesa that I think you have such a full, rich, life. You are always surrounded by wonderful people and are definitely blessed and a blessing, I'm sure! And you still have your parents! What a gift.

I'm delighted that you had a fun day...even though it was lonnnng!
My day was interesting...21 yo daughter skydived again with 23 yo boyfriend for his birthday. My sweet hubby made a wonderful fish dinner complete with hushpuppies, and his catch from Saturday's fishing trip!

The girls gave me some money towards a new camera. My grandy dropped mine last year, and it doesn't do several things I need it to do. All in all it was good but very tiring as well!

Love you gal, and hope you're having a great week!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

This post was beautiful from beginning to end! How you keep the energy to get all this done amazes me to no end though! :)

God bless!