Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scot's Birthday, part 1

Scot's birthday began a couple of weeks early with my parents.  They took us out to eat, but I forgot my camera that night, so I don't have any pictures.  They gave Scot money and a beautiful card.  He enjoyed spending his money at Bass Pro Shop.   Friday, April 23, Scot's parents took our family and Scot's sister's family out for Scot's birthday.  There were 13 of us at one long table!  

Scot and Tristen (our great nephew)

From left: Meagan, Skyler, Kim, Cale, and Noelle

Our niece Chrissy and her husband Zack

Ma Ma G and Tristen

Pa Pa Donnie and Tristen (our brother-in-law)

This is what we saw when we walked out of the restaurant.
Beautiful rainbow; our beautiful town!

After supper, everyone came to our house for Oreo pie and angel food cake.

Noelle and Tristen read many books.

Pa Pa and Ma Ma G. enjoying dessert and coffee.

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