Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can It Be? It Can Be & It Is!

Happy 21st Birthday to
Noelle JoBeth!
November 1
You're beautiful inside & out!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Saturday, Oct. 24, Cale spent the day with Josh, David, and Kathy. Scot and I were at a wedding that day. That evening when we went to Tupelo to get Cale, the Minnis Family and Cale were at D'Casa Mexican Restaurant. They were almost finished eating when we got there, but they sat and visited with Scot and me while we ate. I know I shouldn't have...I really really know that...but as some of you know, I just can't seem to help myself! lol. I asked our very nice waiter to bring Josh a birthday dessert...he and his fellow waiters came out and sang to Josh, did the whipped cream in the face thing and gave Josh the sombrero. Josh, Aunt Liesa loves you!!!

Aunt Liesa and Josh

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Josh, my best friend's son celebrated his 15'th birthday this afternoon at 4:40. He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives.

Cale with Josh

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Happy Place

This is a picture of Scot's desk and bookshelves. We still have some boxes sitting around. Everything is not where it goes, but the furniture is in it's place, so you can tell about the room. I also have not decorated this room yet. I'll take more pictures when it's neater and decorated. If you've read many things I've written, you know how I have a passion for books. Not just any book, but GOOD books! I love Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction, ladies devotionals, biography's, school curriculum, magazines, cookbooks, and children's books. I also love pictures. I guess that is a no brainer if you've ever visited my blog! My book collection didn't get that extensive until around 1993. My mother in law bought me a book for my birthday that year and one book led to another and another and another! Scot didn't read hardly at all. I don't know if he'd ever read an entire book in his life! Around the time I started collecting books, Scot was working on night shift and sometimes during the day, he'd have trouble going to sleep. He said that reading put him to sleep, so we bought him a couple of books and left them beside his bed. The books did help put him to sleep, but like me, one book led to more books! He and I had rather spend time in a book store than in a clothes store. We love books! Since we have a collection of books, for the past few years, I've wished for a room that I could lovingly call a 'Library'. I have a Library now! Scot and I share this room. It also has my computer and his desk where he studies for his sermons. The only rule is I cannot work on the computer or be in the room while he studies, which is not a problem since his study time is usually early morning. The past few weeks, Scot has worked hard building bookshelves for the library. There is one shelf in the library that my daddy built for me over twenty years ago. The bookcase Daddy built me is in the picture below to the right. Scot sort of patterned after it and built four more. He is so talented. Cale stained the bookshelves and now they are the home of some of our most prized possessions, BOOKS!

This is to the left of Scot's desk.
You are now entering my part of the room.

I'm not sure about the chair and lamp yet.

My favorite part of the room!!!

Notice my collection of "The Sound Of Music" plates displayed at the top of the back shelves.

The bookshelves to the left are for home school books and supplies and picture albums. Encyclopedias and Childcraft books are to the right and on the front bookshelf (in pic.) are my pleasure books. Authors include Janette Oke, Lori Wick, Lori Copeland, Beverly Lewis, Robin Hatcher, Emilee Barnes, and Elizabeth George.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my library. Happy Reading!

Mississippi College XC Meet

Saturday, October 10, Spartans participated in a
Cross Country Meet at Mississippi College in Clinton.
The Spartan girls placed 2nd in their division.
Everyone did great; there are many proud Spartan fans.

The Spartan Team, Coach Heather, and families of the team stayedin a motel Friday night before the race. Some of the kids got togetherand played Uno before bedtime. Some of us old people even joined in onthe fun! Those kids are competitive even when they aren't running!
(Emilee, Noelle, Cale, Forest, and Josh)
YES IT RAINED alot several days in a row before the race, so therefore the course was muddy. The Spartans are getting used to running in mud! The boys feet and legs are clean in this picture taken before the race.

Two Spartan families set up tents and shared with all of us.

The Spartan boys sat and laid around while waiting on their turn to run.
Some of the Spartan girls crocheted, talked, and read.
All kinds of cute rain boots were worn!
Noelle, David, and Kathy before the race. Special thanks to David, Kathy, and Josh. They let Cale ride to Clinton with them Friday. They were able to leave before we did. Mrs. Heather and the team met to walk the course.
Kathy, Noelle, Me, and Penny resting and sporting our new rain boots!
Asking God to bless.
Last minute coaching!

Almost 200 boys ran in this division. I just sort rounded off in my head, I'm guessing over one thousand runners participated Saturday. There were runners in every direction that I looked!

Noelle and Scot hurrying from one point to another
to cheer the Spartans on!


Close to the finish line!

Cale's time: 22:23

Remember the Clean feet and legs?
No more!

Cale, Zack, Josh, Logan, Forest, and Landers with Coach Heather

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corinth Rotary 5K

Stretching and warming up before race

Cale ran his best race. His time was 22:07

Julie, Alec, and David watching award ceremony

Josh with his trophy!
Several Spartans took home awards.
This was such a nice race, very organized, and the scenery was beautiful.

Noelle and I are smiling in spite of an early morning

David and Kathy
(after race, we ate at McAllisters)

Minnis and George families

I walked around the block after the race. I just have to
share what I saw with you. This house was built in the 1800's.

So inviting...

I was fascinated with this breezeway.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Anything For Children

I guess I'll do anything for my children's sakes! Fancy and elegant, I am not... Clean and neat, I am! I may have on jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes, but you will rarely catch me without my hair done, at least a little make up on, and clean!!! Now, I can get down and dirty with the best of them, but when it's over, I'm heading to the shower! Just to run to the grocery store, I am clean and presentable! You get the point! A few weeks ago, Cale and the Spartans participated in a Cross Country meet in Pontotoc. The day was very wet, muddy, and messy! I wore old crocs so I could just hose my shoes off later should they get muddy. Muddy, they were! After the meet, Scot, Cale, and I were headed back home, and I knew Cale would be hungry...He always is after a race, but in my mind, I thought Sonic or a Drive through! I mean, we ALL were muddy and my hair had flopped from the dampness and sprinkles of the day. The first thing Cale said when he got in the van was that he was hungry and that he would like BREAKFAST FOOD! He eats very little before running, usually just a banana or two. I could tell my drive through idea was not going to be a big hit with Cale or Scot...I looked down at my feet and I could feel the grim look on my face! Cracker Barrel was being discussed by my men; my face got even more grim! I couldn't go in like this!!! Then, I realized my sweet and creative country husband was looking on the side of the road for a "CLEAN PUDDLE"! He pulled off and drove beside a puddle of water and he'd comment about how that one was muddy because it had already been driven through, so on to the next puddle he'd drive. Lucky for me, he found his perfect puddle of "CLEAN WATER"! Yes, we pulled to the side of the road, I got out and carefully rinsed my feet and my shoes off in the puddle, dried off with paper towel, got back in the van, put on lip stick and we headed to Cracker Barrel! May not sound like an adventure to you, I guess you just have to live in my mind! lol. I love my life by George! :) Oh, and our late breakfast was delish and lots of fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These Were The Days Of Our Lives...In September!

Welcome to our new home!

96 Spartans-families gathered at Mi Pueblos!

Cale, Marshal, Zack, Nicolas, and Forest

Josh, Cale, Marshal, Zack, Forest, and Logan

David, Josh, and Cale placed 2nd in their age groups

Proud parents with Cale

David and Josh staying dry before the race
in Pontotoc

Mud and more mud!

Cale telling Coach Heather about the hills and mud!

Salem Baptist Church
Scot with his cousin and a fellow pastor Kerry

Coach Heather and Cale working on mile 2!

It's raining yet again!
He sees the finish line!

Whew...An entire month without Internet...without blogging...without reading other blogs...without emails... AND LIFE BY GEORGE WENT ON! It went on in a huge way I might add! September was sort of like being on a roller coaster for days without stopping. Right when we'd think, "Oh wow, today may be a bit slower", we'd head down another fast hill! September was a very busy, but very fulfilling, GOOD month for us. It would take way too much time to blog about each and every thing that has went on in our life, so I'm going to do my best to condense it all into one post! By the way, I sure missed all my blogging buddies! Here goes my attempt to fill you in on the past month.

1. September 4th, Scot and I signed papers to buy a house.

2. September 5th, our friends David, Kathy, and Josh, and my daddy came and helped us move boxes, clean and organize kitchen cabinets, ...Mother brought us all a wonderful lunch of BBQ sandwiches and jo-jo's! We sat on the porch and in the kitchen floor and enjoyed a short rest and some fuel for our tired bodies! At the end of the day, our neighbors, The Montgomery's welcomed us to our new home with a plate of delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies! Yum!
3. September 7th, Scot's cousin Brent and our friend John came and helped us move furniture.
We slept in our house for the first time.

4. September 8-11...worked on organizing, unpacking, etc. Scot went back to work the 8th.

5. September 12th, Cale ran a 5K in Sherman.

6. September 14th, First day of school for Cale. My baby is a Junior!!! We are still organizing and unpacking that week also. Scot built a beautiful bookshelf for our office-library.
7. September 19th, Cale and other Spartans ran a Cross Country meet in Pontotoc. It was a very rainy muddy day!

8. September 21-25, Scot preached a revival at Salem Baptist Church. One soul was saved on that Wednesday night, Hallelujah!
9. September 26th, Cale and other Spartans ran a 5K at The Tallahatchie Festival in New Albany.

I didn't list Sundays which are spent in Amory, Wednesday night visitations, Cross Country practices on Tuesdays, and all of those other normal things that happen each day like cooking, laundry, errands, cleaning, etc. Well, that's what it's been like in my world; what have all of you been up to lately?