Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mississippi College XC Meet

Saturday, October 10, Spartans participated in a
Cross Country Meet at Mississippi College in Clinton.
The Spartan girls placed 2nd in their division.
Everyone did great; there are many proud Spartan fans.

The Spartan Team, Coach Heather, and families of the team stayedin a motel Friday night before the race. Some of the kids got togetherand played Uno before bedtime. Some of us old people even joined in onthe fun! Those kids are competitive even when they aren't running!
(Emilee, Noelle, Cale, Forest, and Josh)
YES IT RAINED alot several days in a row before the race, so therefore the course was muddy. The Spartans are getting used to running in mud! The boys feet and legs are clean in this picture taken before the race.

Two Spartan families set up tents and shared with all of us.

The Spartan boys sat and laid around while waiting on their turn to run.
Some of the Spartan girls crocheted, talked, and read.
All kinds of cute rain boots were worn!
Noelle, David, and Kathy before the race. Special thanks to David, Kathy, and Josh. They let Cale ride to Clinton with them Friday. They were able to leave before we did. Mrs. Heather and the team met to walk the course.
Kathy, Noelle, Me, and Penny resting and sporting our new rain boots!
Asking God to bless.
Last minute coaching!

Almost 200 boys ran in this division. I just sort rounded off in my head, I'm guessing over one thousand runners participated Saturday. There were runners in every direction that I looked!

Noelle and Scot hurrying from one point to another
to cheer the Spartans on!


Close to the finish line!

Cale's time: 22:23

Remember the Clean feet and legs?
No more!

Cale, Zack, Josh, Logan, Forest, and Landers with Coach Heather

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