Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Happy Place

This is a picture of Scot's desk and bookshelves. We still have some boxes sitting around. Everything is not where it goes, but the furniture is in it's place, so you can tell about the room. I also have not decorated this room yet. I'll take more pictures when it's neater and decorated. If you've read many things I've written, you know how I have a passion for books. Not just any book, but GOOD books! I love Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction, ladies devotionals, biography's, school curriculum, magazines, cookbooks, and children's books. I also love pictures. I guess that is a no brainer if you've ever visited my blog! My book collection didn't get that extensive until around 1993. My mother in law bought me a book for my birthday that year and one book led to another and another and another! Scot didn't read hardly at all. I don't know if he'd ever read an entire book in his life! Around the time I started collecting books, Scot was working on night shift and sometimes during the day, he'd have trouble going to sleep. He said that reading put him to sleep, so we bought him a couple of books and left them beside his bed. The books did help put him to sleep, but like me, one book led to more books! He and I had rather spend time in a book store than in a clothes store. We love books! Since we have a collection of books, for the past few years, I've wished for a room that I could lovingly call a 'Library'. I have a Library now! Scot and I share this room. It also has my computer and his desk where he studies for his sermons. The only rule is I cannot work on the computer or be in the room while he studies, which is not a problem since his study time is usually early morning. The past few weeks, Scot has worked hard building bookshelves for the library. There is one shelf in the library that my daddy built for me over twenty years ago. The bookcase Daddy built me is in the picture below to the right. Scot sort of patterned after it and built four more. He is so talented. Cale stained the bookshelves and now they are the home of some of our most prized possessions, BOOKS!

This is to the left of Scot's desk.
You are now entering my part of the room.

I'm not sure about the chair and lamp yet.

My favorite part of the room!!!

Notice my collection of "The Sound Of Music" plates displayed at the top of the back shelves.

The bookshelves to the left are for home school books and supplies and picture albums. Encyclopedias and Childcraft books are to the right and on the front bookshelf (in pic.) are my pleasure books. Authors include Janette Oke, Lori Wick, Lori Copeland, Beverly Lewis, Robin Hatcher, Emilee Barnes, and Elizabeth George.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my library. Happy Reading!


BECKY said...

I love seeing your library! What a treat God blessed you with!! Love your spot, too, and for what it's worth, I like the chair and the lamp!! :o)

Sure love having you back in blogland, too!

Hope the rest of your week is delightful!! Know that you add joy to my days, gal!!

Love ya,

Mrs. C said...

Your favorite authors are some of my favorites as well! Thanks for sharing your special spot. :)

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I would love to have a study with bookshelves from floor to ceiling! Lots of my books are in boxes because I don't have room for them! Thanks for the tour! Looking forward to seeing more and more of the new house as time goes by. :)


GraceFromHim said...

It has been good catchin up with you, on your blog. Love all the pictures :)
Blessings sister,

HOPE said...

Would you believe I still own books in perfect condition..though read a zillion times by KIDS! books from when they were 20 some years old! They get a kick out of coming home to read their "old" books..LOL.

Good books are treasures! Especially our BIBLE! AMEN.

Nice cozy library!!


Roan said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the library! I know you will enjoy spending many hours in there. I am so happy for you!