Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These Were The Days Of Our Lives...In September!

Welcome to our new home!

96 Spartans-families gathered at Mi Pueblos!

Cale, Marshal, Zack, Nicolas, and Forest

Josh, Cale, Marshal, Zack, Forest, and Logan

David, Josh, and Cale placed 2nd in their age groups

Proud parents with Cale

David and Josh staying dry before the race
in Pontotoc

Mud and more mud!

Cale telling Coach Heather about the hills and mud!

Salem Baptist Church
Scot with his cousin and a fellow pastor Kerry

Coach Heather and Cale working on mile 2!

It's raining yet again!
He sees the finish line!

Whew...An entire month without Internet...without blogging...without reading other blogs...without emails... AND LIFE BY GEORGE WENT ON! It went on in a huge way I might add! September was sort of like being on a roller coaster for days without stopping. Right when we'd think, "Oh wow, today may be a bit slower", we'd head down another fast hill! September was a very busy, but very fulfilling, GOOD month for us. It would take way too much time to blog about each and every thing that has went on in our life, so I'm going to do my best to condense it all into one post! By the way, I sure missed all my blogging buddies! Here goes my attempt to fill you in on the past month.

1. September 4th, Scot and I signed papers to buy a house.

2. September 5th, our friends David, Kathy, and Josh, and my daddy came and helped us move boxes, clean and organize kitchen cabinets, ...Mother brought us all a wonderful lunch of BBQ sandwiches and jo-jo's! We sat on the porch and in the kitchen floor and enjoyed a short rest and some fuel for our tired bodies! At the end of the day, our neighbors, The Montgomery's welcomed us to our new home with a plate of delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies! Yum!
3. September 7th, Scot's cousin Brent and our friend John came and helped us move furniture.
We slept in our house for the first time.

4. September 8-11...worked on organizing, unpacking, etc. Scot went back to work the 8th.

5. September 12th, Cale ran a 5K in Sherman.

6. September 14th, First day of school for Cale. My baby is a Junior!!! We are still organizing and unpacking that week also. Scot built a beautiful bookshelf for our office-library.
7. September 19th, Cale and other Spartans ran a Cross Country meet in Pontotoc. It was a very rainy muddy day!

8. September 21-25, Scot preached a revival at Salem Baptist Church. One soul was saved on that Wednesday night, Hallelujah!
9. September 26th, Cale and other Spartans ran a 5K at The Tallahatchie Festival in New Albany.

I didn't list Sundays which are spent in Amory, Wednesday night visitations, Cross Country practices on Tuesdays, and all of those other normal things that happen each day like cooking, laundry, errands, cleaning, etc. Well, that's what it's been like in my world; what have all of you been up to lately?


HOPE said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your NEW HOME...I know how exciting it is! and looks so inviting and lovely on the outside...I can imagine the inside!

Whew..a busy month for you.

Praise the LORD for a soul saved!!

MORE...Blessings to you...

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I've been missing you!!! I saw your daughter on Facebook today, so I knew you had to have internet service finally!

Beautiful house!!! Love all the pictures! Seems like you had a great, busy, fun month!

Looking forward to fall and all the rest that your family does!! Enjoy!

BECKY said...

Well, well, well, my sweet friend is back!!! YIPPEE!! I feel like a fresh breeze is blowing back through blogland!! Really. Oh God is so very good isn't He? I love your new house and can just see us swinging and chattin' on that porch swing!! Maybe one day!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that all has gone well for your family!! I just praise God!!

Have a wonderful Thursday, and know that you're sooo appreciated and thought of fondly!!
Love ya,

Roan said...

(this is Olivia)
Yay! You'r back!

Hannah said...

It's good to have you back!! It looks like you have a beautiful home!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Wow! Life gets crazy sometimes.

What a beautiful new home you have. I know that you are excited to get settled again.

Glad to see you back:)