Monday, October 12, 2009

Anything For Children

I guess I'll do anything for my children's sakes! Fancy and elegant, I am not... Clean and neat, I am! I may have on jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes, but you will rarely catch me without my hair done, at least a little make up on, and clean!!! Now, I can get down and dirty with the best of them, but when it's over, I'm heading to the shower! Just to run to the grocery store, I am clean and presentable! You get the point! A few weeks ago, Cale and the Spartans participated in a Cross Country meet in Pontotoc. The day was very wet, muddy, and messy! I wore old crocs so I could just hose my shoes off later should they get muddy. Muddy, they were! After the meet, Scot, Cale, and I were headed back home, and I knew Cale would be hungry...He always is after a race, but in my mind, I thought Sonic or a Drive through! I mean, we ALL were muddy and my hair had flopped from the dampness and sprinkles of the day. The first thing Cale said when he got in the van was that he was hungry and that he would like BREAKFAST FOOD! He eats very little before running, usually just a banana or two. I could tell my drive through idea was not going to be a big hit with Cale or Scot...I looked down at my feet and I could feel the grim look on my face! Cracker Barrel was being discussed by my men; my face got even more grim! I couldn't go in like this!!! Then, I realized my sweet and creative country husband was looking on the side of the road for a "CLEAN PUDDLE"! He pulled off and drove beside a puddle of water and he'd comment about how that one was muddy because it had already been driven through, so on to the next puddle he'd drive. Lucky for me, he found his perfect puddle of "CLEAN WATER"! Yes, we pulled to the side of the road, I got out and carefully rinsed my feet and my shoes off in the puddle, dried off with paper towel, got back in the van, put on lip stick and we headed to Cracker Barrel! May not sound like an adventure to you, I guess you just have to live in my mind! lol. I love my life by George! :) Oh, and our late breakfast was delish and lots of fun!


BECKY said...

LOL!!! You are just too cute, gal!! I'm right there with ya though! I have to say that here lately, being 51 and all...I have become far less concerned with even having on make-up. We went away this weekend and I think I had make-up on once. My Mom taught me to not offend anyone with how I act or look and as long as I'm not, I'm getting to be fine with just being plain ol' me.

Great story!! I would have had to do something like that before going to Cracker Barrel for sure!!

Love to you, and prayers for a great week!!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Liesa it's a blessing that you have such an understanding husband who realized how much it meant to you to look presentable and didn't brush it off as nothing! I like being clean too! And like you said, even just a trip to the grocery store of Walmart demands clean clothes, fixed hair, earrings, and at least lipstick! You go girl !

Love ya, Mississippi

Mrs. C said...

What a devoted mom you are! :) I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new home; God is good! :)