Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teen Camp 2009

Well let us all go back to that old landmark
Let us all go back to that old landmark
Well let us all go back to that old landmark
Let us stay in the service of the Lord
Well let us kneel and pray in the old time way
Let us kneel and pray in the old time way
Well let us kneel and pray in the old time way
He will hear us and be near us
We'll be given bread from Heaven
Tell the story of His glory
It will warn them, it will turn them
It will save this old world from sin and shame
(From The Old Landmark)

Cale went to teen church camp June 1-5 in Alabama. It's the same camp his dad attended when he was a child. After Scot and I married and moved back to Alabama, we would attend the night services at this camp. Now, Scot's generation has children at this camp. Cale had never been to camp, so this mother was a bit concerned. We went to the Wed. night church service last week, and Cale met us with a hug and a smile. I asked him if he needed more money for snacks, and he said, 'No Mom, I've only spent four dollars, they feed you good here! We get seconds!' That was very important to my Cale! He had made new friends, enjoyed classes, singing, and preaching, and had swam, ran, and played alot of basketball. It rained Thursday. They had a mud fight after the rain; and had a 'redneck paintball fight' with marshmallows, mustard, and ketchup. Sorry I missed out on that! I'm thankful for the Light that keeps shining brightly at this wonderful camp each year. I'm glad Cale got to experience the same thing his dad did around 30 years before. Same place, but most importantly, THE SAME GOD!

Cale introduced us to one of his new friends, Ryan, better known as 'Happy'

Youth leader/song leader Jarod with New Union's youth

Mrs. Tammy, Tage, and Bro. Greg
(New Unions Pastor and family)


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh my does that bring back memories! I loved teen camp! Even growing up in Queens, NY we still had camp...although they bused us 11 hours north!! It was the highlight of my teen years. Hubby and I went to the same camp, although different churches. And of course he was always the guy every girl wanted to sit next to. And wouldn't even look at me!! But I remember nights spent around the altar just worshipping the Lord and building such a strong foundation in me that I have never strayed from serving Him. Love the pictures!! And how sweet that he enjoyed the food! We hated it back then, but then again, we were teenage girls!! I'm sure all the boys loved it!! Great memories, thanks!!

Mrs. C said...

I, too, have such fond memories of attending church camp each summer.

What a blessing that another generation is able to grow spiritually at a place that is dear to you. ;)

Tori said...

Wow that looks like great fun. I wasn't saved until I was 23 so I didn't experience teen camp but I did go as a counselor later in life, that was challenging but fun.

Glad they all had fun and what great memories that must have been made at that camp.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Well Amen! Reminds me of one of my very favorite verses: "I have no great joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."


Lisa Newell said...

We also have a church camp that we go to every year, and it is the highlight of summer, to all of us, each year! What a wonderful thing!
Great to see you yesterday!