Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Good Read

Cale and I went Father's Day shopping Tuesday. While browsing in the Christian book store, I passed by a new Elizabeth George book. (or at least it was new to me) And lo and behold, it was on sale for under $7.oo, so I happily took that as a sign that I was supposed to purchase the book! I'm already glad that I did buy it! I've only read two chapters so far, but I've already been blessed and encouraged. I've been reading books authored by Elizabeth George for many years now and there is not a bad one in the bunch.

Now, as for the book...The title within itself is very intriguing. Following God with All Your Heart.

Here is a list of the sections in the book...

1. Becoming a Successful Woman

2. Becoming a Courageous Woman

3. Becoming an Exceptional Woman

4. Becoming a Humble Woman

5. Becoming a Contented Woman

6. Becoming a Confident Woman

Some quotes from the book:

God's Word is a map
you can safely follow
as you travel through life.

Take the first step in faith.
You don't have to see the whole staircase,
just take the first step.
(Martin Luther King Jr.)

When we disregard God's Word,
disobey Him,
or fail to believe in His promises,
we experience defeat.

We must believe in
God's plan for us,
lock in on it, move forward,
see it through, and finish.
Then we'll know God's brand of success.

At the fork in every road,
choose the road that
brings you nearer to God.

Realize the impact of your obedience. What is God asking you to do? Obeying makes a huge difference, beyond what you can think of or dream of. Imagine what the world would be like if... Noah had said, "I don't do boats." David had said, "I don't do Goliaths." Mary had said, "I don't do virgin births." John the Baptist had said, "I don't do baptisms." Paul had said, "I don't do letters." Jesus had said, "I don't' do crosses!" and what if... Joshua had said, "I don't do Jordans."

The chapters I have read so far comes from the book of Joshua. She compares our obedience, battles, and success with that of Joshua's. I don't want to give away the entire book, but I do hope to wet your whistle to read some of Elizabeth George's works. Even if you don't wish to purchase them, just an hour or so skimming over them in a book store is well worth your time.

Pray for me as I do my best to


BECKY said...

Thanks so much Liesa!! I am in need of a good read, and I love her books, too!! Haven't read this one though. I will definitely secure a copy of it...these types of books are the only reading I do besides the Bible. I am very selective!!

Hope you are settling in well, my dear friend. Praying for you daily, and all that your transition entails!!

Love and hugs, sweetie,

Susan said...

I have one of her books that I picked up at a thrift store in WA. I need to get it out and read it!

This book sounds really good!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Lisa, I have never been introduced to this author before you mentioned her I don't think. I will have to try and read something by her. I don't read as much as I used to. Books that is. I do much more reading on the computer now. I do my daily Bible reading on here and read 5 or 6 blogs on a regular basis. It's so much easier on my neck to hold my head straight up and read then to bend it down to read a book in my hand. Oh, I have not quit reading books but don't have one started all the time now like I used to several years ago before "Arthur and those Ritus Boys" started bothering me so much! ha ha

Love ya,