Monday, June 15, 2009

Our New Church

Freedom Baptist Church

My wonderful pastor

Sunday, May 24, Freedom Baptist Church voted Scot in as their new pastor. We had been without a church for about 9 weeks. A God-called pastor is happiest when he has a church to pastor! We thank God for getting our name to the people at Freedom Baptist Church and for placing us there to serve and work. The members have all been so gracious, generous, and kind.


BECKY said...

YAY!!! So glad you have a new home church, Liesa!! I know it's been a haul, but God is so amazingly good isn't He? I wonder how many different things had to happen to get Scot to this pulpit? So fun to think of!!

Hope you are doing well otherwise. All here is fine!

So good to have you back here with us!!

Love 'n hugs,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Great pictures! So glad things are going good!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Looks like a lovely church. Am so happy you have a new home and a place to minister! And the best part is having nice people in the congregation! Great pictures!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So happy for you! It's a beautiful building... so excited to see what the Lord's gonna do!

Deborah said...

It's great to see you are getting settled in your new church. I look forward to hearing more about your ministry there.