Thursday, May 21, 2009

Driver's Permit

It's official~ both children are drivers!
Cale got his driver's permit yesterday morning.
(May 20, 2009)

We celebrated at O' Charleys.
Cale enjoyed soup, chicken o'tenders, fries, and rolls.

I had shrimp, broccoli, soup and rolls.

Cale drove us to church.

Here is Scot and Noelle's reactions!!!! Ha.

Good ole mom!

Cale did a great job driving to and from church.
I can tell he's had a lot of experience driving the
lawn mower and four-wheeler.


Susan said...

Our son Andrew is a really good driver (almost 18), but I don't close my eyes when he drives! LOL You are a brave mama! ;)

Hannah said...

Wow! I always paniced when Malachi was driving at first. I still do sometimes but not always. Hope to see y'all soon! We might not be doing cross country this year. Hopefully we can!


Roan said...

I'll be sure to stay off the roads! Ha!
I know why your eyes are are praying! :)

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Ouch! This brings back memories! It's been 10 years since our youngest was still a teen driver. Makes me feel pretty old!

When our 3 kids were learning to drive it mostly fell to me to be their driving coach. And believe me, the expression on my face most of the time was more like Scot and Noelle's instead of your's! ha ha

Congratulatione Cale!


Debbie said...

What a great post! When my oldest daughter started driving I was usually praying but looked like Scot with my eyes open. lol! Alycia is now almost 18 but I have another one coming up for a permit in 2 years. I think I will start praying now!

God is so Good!

Tori said...

Okay now that's scary! We have one that is driving too. Okay he doesn't have the permit but he has been practicing a little on back roads. In Croatia you can't get a license until you're 18 and then it costs about $1000 for all the tests.

Aww, they don't stay young for long!

GraceFromHim said...

Lol, ohhhh dear I am not looking forward to that day!

Great pictures, I love how you are capturing these precious moments!