Saturday, May 16, 2009


I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to post this picture.

Recognize any of these ladies? We are all Bloggers. I visit with these ladies almost every single day. Another lady blogger was at the race today, but she wasn't around when we took this picture. (Heather) I have known Roan (Tie-Dye t-shirt) for a few years, and had met Julie (First on left) last year at Cross Country, but the other three ladies and I have gotten to know each other by visiting each other's blogs. Check out their blogs; you'll enjoy getting to know them too. They are just as sweet in person! This was a high-light of my day!

Scot talking with Em. He was glad to meet her. He loves her blog. (She's quite adventurous!)


Roan said...

I am borrowing the blogger picture! Thanks so much!

Lynn said...

So am I!! (stealing the pic)
Great to see you all today, and Cale did awesome! Praying your move will go well!

So blessed! said...

Just found your blog via Lois. Isn't Lois precious?
Looks like you and I have the same great scripture on our blog header. Love your blog. I will be back! Have a great Sunday.

Em said...

It was so great to see y'all yesterday! I'm looking forward to this year, getting to know you all more. Fun times!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great time.