Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 3 of Vacation: Hurray For DOLLYWOOD!

WARNING:  Viewing the following pictures could have side effects.  These side effects could include all or some of the following symptoms:  Packing your suitcase, Calling 911 for Dollywood tickets, Filling the car up with gas, Skipping school or work, or Simply 'googling' Dollywood.   View at your own risk.

Day 3 of our Vacation By George...
Notice anything weather wise?  Hint:  We are singing, splashing, riding roller coasters, taking pictures, and yes, being happy in the rain!
Our day began with a delicious breakfast at the motel.  Scot had gotten sick the day before.  Cale and I had been sick the week before.  Poor Scot was coughing almost every breath and his throat was sore.  After breakfast, on our way to Dollywood, he and I went into Walgreen's and purchased cough drops, cold medicine, and umbrella's.  Just so happen, we had grabbed the poncho's before we left home Thursday morning.  I even tried to encourage him to wait until later in the day about going to Dollywood, hoping the rain would let up, but he was a trooper, and just kept right on going!

Check out the rules for teachers!  Reminds me of a couple of books I've read by Lori Wick and Janette Oke.
I loved the little school house!
Even the conductor was trying to stay dry...
We were dry while sightseeing by train.

Ya'll know I had to take pictures of the church! 

One of the stores: ( hand blown glass items)
We enjoyed a Country Music show in the dry too.  These young ladies and men did an awesome job singing some old and new country hits.  They sang songs by Loretta Lynn, Brad Paisley, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and many others.
You know by now that I'm all about the food!  Philly cheese steak sandwiches, homemade onion rings and homemade chips was what we chose for lunch.
I don't have pictures of all the rides.  It was hard to get pictures while riding and while trying to keep my camera dry.  We rode everything though, especially the roller coasters. 
This baby went upside down!  What fun!

There were really neat statues everywhere!

If case you haven't noticed, there are very few pic's of us!  We hadn't been there 10 minutes and we looked as if we had skipped the shower, blow dryers, and make up that day!  By 2 p.m., the sun came out.  People started coming into the park that were nice and fresh looking!   Needless to say, we didn't fit into that category....but FUN, WE DID HAVE! 

We left Dollywood at closing time (7 P.M.) and went back to our motel thinking that we'd shower and go eat out, but about the time we got back to our room, it started thundering and pouring rain again.  If you've ever been to Gatlinburg, you know that they don't have Drive Throughs, etc.  The restaurants and stores are all bunched up together and you have to park in a general parking lot and walk to all the places.  I changed out of my wet clothes, Scot drove me and Cale to Burger King, we went in and got our food, called him, and he came back through and picked us up.  What an evening!  Scot was still feeling bad.  He had taken cold medicine every four hours that day.  He is seldom sick, so with all the medicine in his system, he ate supper and went straight to bed.   We truly had a wonderful day at Dollywood in spite of the messy weather and Scot being sick.  I purchased a 2010 Christmas ornament there to add to our collection.  


Diana said...

I do want to go there sometime. I have a good friend here that just went and loved it, too!

Stacey said...

I loved Dollywood!! Thanks for bringing my memories back!

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