Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 1 of Vacation: Braves vs Cardinals, 9-9-10

Our vacation began last Thursday morning about 10:30. 
We were headed to Atlanta Georgia to watch a Braves-Cardinals baseball game.
Cale drove us through Birmingham.  He did a great job!

Noelle and I sat in the middle seats of the van.  We enjoyed talking, reading, and napping.

Can you believe the first place we stopped for a late lunch was Cracker Barrel?

We're here!

Cale & Noelle

Noelle and I went into the souvenir store and looked around...
While we were shopping, we heard a familiar voice...
It was JJ (Jeff Johnson) from Peachtree TV.  He was super friendly.

This is where Scot and Cale were while Noelle and I shopped, took pictures, and looked around the stadium.

Noelle and Homer

Supper was hot dogs!

Scot, Noelle, & Cale ate a Braves Dog. (Chili and cheese)
I ate the New York Dog.  (Sour Kraut, onions, and mustard)

Play Ball!

The first inning was wonderful...Braves scored 3 runs.
I was busy texting some Cardinal fans back home rubbing it in!

But, the Cardinals got ahead...

We did get to see Albert hit a home-run, even though we are Braves fans, we were happy to see that.

We're losing, but we are still smiling!

We had a wonderful night at the game.

After the game, we drove about an hour to Cornelia Georgia and stayed the night. We didn't check in the motel until almost midnight.   We were all tired from our busy day and slept well.  Day 2 of vacation would begin early the next morning.


Diana said...

It's always so fun to go to a ballpark. Love the family pic!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Great pictures! We lived in Atlanta for awhile while hubby was stationed down there. But we never made it to a baseball game!