Thursday, July 2, 2009

Diamonds In Life

A friend loveth at all times...
Proverbs 17:17

Wednesday, June 23rd, I met my long time friends Michelle and Karen at our local restaurant for lunch. Michelle, Karen, and I started to school together. We were all three in the same first grade class. We were in school together all twelve years! After we graduated from high school, we went our separate ways of course. Life happens and it's hard to keep in touch. Karen married first in 1984, I married in 1985, and Michelle married in 1986! We all have a son and a daughter each. Karen already has a daughter in law! Michelle moved away with her military husband, so she and I haven't seen each other over six or seven times in the past 26 years. She was home visiting her family in between moving. She and I were expecting our daughters at the same time, and again four years later, we both were expecting our sons the same year. Michelle is a teacher, Karen is a florist and singer, and I am a pastor's wife and home school mother. It's amazing where life takes us! Karen lives in our hometown, so she and I see each other more, but rarely take the time to visit. Last Wednesday was such a bright spot in my life!!! I was like a little kid all morning long anticipating the luncheon with my dear friends. They arrived at the restaurant before me; I found them in line and we all shared hugs and smiles! My forty-four years felt like twelve all over again! I remember what I got to eat, but I honestly don't know if I tasted it. I was sitting there trying to take in every precious moment of the time with my friends. I wanted to engrave each word, smile, and detail into my memory. We sat there for two hours enjoying our time together. We were ecstatic when our first grade teacher, Mrs. Judy came in to eat! As she was leaving, she sat down at our table and visited for a while. She made a huge impression upon my life when I was just a little six year old girl. I had a grand experience in first grade which made me look forward to second grade and so forth! I thought she was the prettiest lady I had ever seen, and she still is today! She was telling us her age the other day and I honestly hope I look half as good as she does when I'm fifty, much less___________! lol I tell you, I sit here amazed and just get chill bumps all over when I think about all the people God has let me cross paths with. I can hardly contain myself. I love people-always have... People like Karen, Michelle, and Mrs. Judy will forever hold special places in my heart. If only they could look inside, for there are no words to express it.

Michelle and Karen catching up!

Diamonds in my life.

Time can't take away anything that has already been given:

Your treasures from days gone by are treasures still;

your most precious memories will always be.

We learn, as we go along,

that happiness is not one big, beautiful jewel we can hold-

or lose- in our hands.

Each one of us is an hourglass.

And in course of our lives,

we get to keep the diamonds that come our way among the passing sands.

~Douglas Pagels

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so happy that you got to get together with your friends! There's just a very special bond between friends that have known each other since they were small children! All of you look great!