Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Pa Pa Jess

I think of my grandparents daily. Although all of them are deceased, they were just such an important part of my life, I still feel so close to them. Pa Pa Jess was my daddy's daddy. He was a royal mess! Even as an old man, I thought he was just the cutest thing! Mischievous is a great word to describe him. You couldn't sit beside him without him reaching over and showing you how a mule eats corn by squeezing your knee, which would send us to the other end of the couch, because it tickled so much. He was always making jokes and kidding around. Pa Pa was a hard worker too. He worked on the railroad, did carpentry work, and farmed. My Cale has some actions and ways like Pa Pa Jess, which thrills me to no end. Pa Pa's birthday would have been Tuesday, June 23rd. God blessed me with special grandparents. Death may have separated us for a season, but according to each grandparent's testimony, I believe we'll meet again to be separated never again. Happy Birthday Pa Jess! (and try to behave!)

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Susan said...

I think of my grandmothers often, too. I never knew either of my grandfathers, but both my grandmas lived till just 5 years ago. I miss them terribly, but I'm so glad I had both of them well into my adult years!