Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scot's Birthday Celebrations

Sunday, April 19, we went to church at New Union with Scot's parents. Scot's mother had invited us to lunch for an early birthday get together for Scot's birthday. My camera batteries went dead before I took many pictures.

I did get a few pictures though.
I took this picture of Scot with his cousin Brent after Sunday School. Brent was the ring bearer in our wedding.
Here is Cale finishing up the box of ice cream.
Noelle with our great-nephew Tristen.

Scot's sister with her grandson Tristen

Our niece Meagan with Scot's mother

A hug for daddy on his birthday eve!

Then, my parents took Scot out to eat the Sat. before
his birthday. We went to Oh Bryans in Hamilton, Al.
I love the decor there, and the food is so yum.

Daddy, Scot, Cale, Noelle


Some of the signs and decorations:

Elvis is a blurr, sorry.

The Three Stooges

The traffic light is my favorite!

Scot's actual birthday: Tue., April 28

We began with a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel

A friendly game of checkers

Hmmm, what can we do while they play?
Oh, I know... SMILE!!!

Of course, what would a birthday be without a visit to

and Dick's?

In between all of this, we had Baskin Robbin's ice-cream!

When we got home, I baked this German chocolate cake.
(Scot's favorite)

After cake, we visited J.T. and Lilie and their mommy and daddy.

Scot said he enjoyed his day. The kids and I were glad, because he's so good to us and always so loving, giving, and generous to us; we wanted 'his' day to be extra special! Scot got several gifts and cards from family and friends. He is a loved man!


GraceFromHim said...

Sounds like a wonderful time....
Happy Birthday Pastor Scot!

Lovely pictures :)


BECKY said...

I'm delighted to hear that Scot's birthday was great!! Looks like everyone had fun!!

Scruggs and Dick' is good!! Can we say "testosterone? LOL!!

One of our fave destinations is Bass Pro Shops in Orlando!! Really neat!!

Have a great Friday!!
That Mom/daughter pic is adorable!!

Love ya,