Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday at Enterprise

Last Sunday, our family worshipped at Enterprise Baptist Church in New Albany. Their pastor and family, our dear friends, Bro. Tony & Lisa Monk, Natalie and Bethany were in Louisiana. Bro. Tony was preaching a revival in LA. Bro. Kevin Merritt, another dear friend of ours was filling in for Bro. Tony. Bro. Kevin preached a wonderful message. Our family enjoyed our day with these sweet people. I don't have pictures of everyone, but everyone there was such a blessing to us. Maybe next time we visit them, Bro. Tony, Lisa, and family will be there as well. I think their next get together we are attending is later this month on a Sat. evening. They invited us to a wild game supper!
Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Janice were so kind to invite our family to their home for lunch. Bro. Bobby told me that possum innards is better the second day than the first! He was kidding. (I hope) ha. I will surely have to check things out at the wild game supper before I partake! Mrs. Janice had prepared a delicious lunch of steak & gravy, pork chops, mashed potatoes, peas, rice, squash casserole, corn bread, and a scrumptious apple cake with ice cream for dessert!
Notice the chili pepper plates on their wall.

Mrs. Janice's kitchen is decorated in chili peppers. The peppers on the wall were painted by their pastor's daughter, Natalie. Mrs. Janice had chili pepper plates, pictures, and she even had a chili pepper tree! Very pretty and very appropriate. This woman can eat hot peppers without blinking an eye, or in my case, without tears in her eyes!
This is Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Janice's daughter Brandy and Brandy's husband Mark, better known as 'Mater'. (Do you see a resemblance of one of the characters from the movie CARS?)
It's fine if you do, he already knows it! ha.

This is Miss Gabby. She is Brandy and Marks daughter.

This is Brandon and Jonah, Brandy and Mark's sons with Cale.

A field of pretty weeds!

After lunch, our family went back to the church to rest in the prophets chambers until time for the evening service. Noelle needed some cough drops, so I ran in Wal Mart to get some, and decided to pick up this pretty lily for Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Janice for being so kind to us.
I told her that lunch was 'de-LILY-cious'!

Scot resting.
His eyes closed for a couple of hours immediately
after this picture was taken.

The evening service had alot of good singing.
One of the specials was sung by Mrs. Gayle and Bro. Jimmy.
Bro. Kevin preached on "The Valley" (Ps. 23:4) that night. It was just what I needed.
He is always such an encouragement.

This is Gayle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grubbs.
Can you believe they've been married over 50 years?
They look and act so young!

Noelle & Mater
He loves to make her blush.
After the Sunday night service, the church served hot dogs
and hamburgers. There were so what-you-talking-about good desserts too!
Scot and Bro. Kevin listening!

Gayle with Mrs. Amanda Merritt


BECKY said...

Wow, Liesa, sounds like a fun time that was really a blessing for everyone!! I'm sure they were equally as delighted to have you and your family in their midst! I know I would be!!

May God continue to make His face shine upon you and your precious family!

Hugs, love and prayers,

Roan said...

Thanks for sharing your great day!
We are not running in Amory on the 19th, we have decided to do the Children's Mansion run here in Tupelo on that day. Let me know what Cale decides to do.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Loved seeing the pictures and hearing about your good day at Enterprise Baptist! Hope you have had a good day today.


Butterfly Lady said...

Love this post! Love the people! Love you! Love God! Praise God!