Monday, August 16, 2010

What I Know About Homeschooling, Part 1

Well, our first week of our last year of homeschooling went well.  It's hard to believe that the little boy who used to want me to sit next to him all day long is in his room working independently and is a senior in high school.   Time has flown.  I say that alot, don't I?   Moments make up and hour, hours make up a day, days make up a week, weeks make up months...Well, you get the picture!   Back to homeschooling...  I do not claim to be an expert in homeschooling; I am just a mother trying to follow the plan that Scot and I felt the Lord called us to follow.  I do deeply care about other children, but God has not called me to teach other children; I am responsible for mine.  I will stand before God and give an account for how I raised my daughter and my son. 

I do get asked questions about homeschooling from time to time, and the odd thing about it is last week, I was asked a question that the answer had already been on my heart to share here at Life By George, but just hadn't taken the time to post.  It was on my mind and in my heart, just not in writing. 

As you know, I have two children, one daughter, Noelle, who graduated from homeschool in 2007, and one son, Cale, who will graduate from homeschool in 2011.   My children are much alike in some areas, but NOT when it comes to school.   Before I elaborate, for the record, I did ask Cale last week if it was ok for me to publicly discuss this subject.  Two or three years ago, he may have said no, but my more mature and understanding senior immediately said that he was fine with me sharing this, in hopes that it would help other mothers.

I can't give you examples or any knowledge about homeschooling other than what I know from homeschooling my own children.  When asked questions about homeschooling multiple children, if it's more than two, I always send that person on to another mother who would know the answer, or if it's about a curriculum or homeschool 'style' that I have not used, I do the same, send them to someone with experience in that.   I rarely act like I know something that I don't....from experience, I know that I usually flop when I do that!     What I Know About Homeschooling will take more than one post due to time and me carefully thinking about each part before I post...

Now, for what I do know about homeschooling, Part 1.

1.  ALL children are different.

2.  What works for one child may or may not work for another child.

3.  Just because a subject comes easy for one, it may be Greek to another.

4.  We all have different learning styles.  For instance, I always dread when my Bible gets old and worn and have to break in a new one.  When looking for particular verses, I can almost tell you every time if the passage is on the left or right page of my Bible.  When spelling a word, I see that word in my mind, etc.  I listened closely to my teachers, but had I not taken notes, I would have made terrible grades.  I need to SEE things!    I am a Show me learner.

5.  DO NOT COMPARE CHILDREN!  Example:  "Your brother can do this, why can't you?"  They hear, "Your brother is smarter than you."

6.  Every day will NOT be a good day.

Note:  I will do my best to post Part 2 this week.

Happy schooling!  There is no place like home!


BECKY said...

Hi My Friend,
There is a lot of wisdom in what you know about homeschooling! I let Maddy go have some time with her sis today before school. She has been struggling a bit emotionally...preteen...need I say more? Time with big sis always seems to help. :o)
Sometimes I feel that I am sooo not accomplishing all I should with schooling her, but my main goal is to is to raise a godly young woman of good character that truly cares about others, and she is becoming that young woman right before my eyes.

I hope you have a delightful week.
I was thinking about you this morning, and that I think it would be great fun to chat sometime. What do ya think?
I'll email you!
Blessings and hugs Liesa,
You're a treasure!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Thanks for posting this.... I look forward to PartII!

Deborah said...

As a mom of seven...some by birth and some by adoption...I completely agree with you on all the points about kids...and I'm pretty similar on the mom points too!