Monday, April 12, 2010

My New Love

I've always liked flowers and picture perfect yards.  When Noelle and Cale were young, we had some flowers in beds, we set out some pretty Silver Maple trees on the bank in front of our house, and I'd usually have two or three pots of petunias on the porch, but I mostly did it for the looks.  To be honest, I really didn't enjoy the actual work of it, I just liked the end results.   Then, we lived in a church parsonage for almost five years and I didn't set anything out in the yard because I didn't feel like it was mine, which it wasn't, but I would always have a few pots of flowers sitting around on the porch and carport to make it look and feel homey.  I didn't realize how much I missed having my own yard until this Spring.  I will throw in that the reason I didn't miss having my own yard is because we were exactly where God wanted us, so we didn't miss what we didn't have....That is another post within itself...   This time last year, our entire family was so sad and devastated and we were looking for a house to move into until we could find a house to buy or waiting for God to move us where He so desired.  I've already posted about our new home that we bought last fall, so I won't bore you with that story again.  The previous owners already had alot of scrubs, plants, and trees established, so our job this Spring was just to add to it to give it our touch.  Of course, my mind went totally wild because our land has MANY possibilities and such potential....I told Scot that our yard could even look magazine perfect!  That is thanks to it's wonderful owners before us.  I will share with you a few of the things we've added recently. 
Mother and Daddy gave us these two plants for Easter.  They have several of these plants and they have grown and stayed so pretty since last Spring.  Now don't expect me to go all Martha Stewart or anything on you; I know very few names of flowers and plants.  I do recognize roses, daisies, petunias, buttercups, impatiens, pansies, lilies, hostas and a few others, but that's about it.  I do not know the name of the above plants, but I do know they are suppose to repel mosquitos.  Therefore, I call them Mosquito bushes.

Noelle helped me pot these Saturday.

Here she is filling the pots with dirt.

Scot and I went to Lowe's Saturday morning.  We bought a Colorado Blue Spruce tree, 3 scrubs (for screen), 5 rose bushes, 72 impatiens, and around 2 dozen petunias.

Cale went to work in my rose garden.


My rose garden.  Notice my little tree behind the garden. 

These pansies are from late last fall.

If you've read my blog much at all, you know I'm wild about birdhouses. (Houses and churches in general)  Bro. Sidney, a sweet man from church gave me these.  He made them.

He also made this one.  This one is sitting on a post at Remington's pen.  Remington loves birds.
The Barn is also close to his pen.

The PINK impatiens will be so pretty when they grow and spread together.
We also set out 3 sprigs of ivy close to the wall.
The field looks nice.  Our wonderful cousin Dale came a few weeks ago and bush-hogged the field with his tractor.  Last week, Scot borrowed his daddy's tractor and plowed and disked.    We will soon start planting a garden on part of that land.  I also plan to have a row or so of flowers out there.

Noelle even got in on the action.  She helped her daddy alot last Tuesday while Cale and I were at XC.

I love this picture.  I'm so glad Scot has taken the time to teach our children how to work.  Not only can Noelle work inside, she knows how to do things outside.  Same way with Cale...he loves the outdoors, but he also knows how to iron, cook a little, and clean inside.

I also love the nearby woods.  I plan on enjoying them alot.

And of course, I'm a bit partial to my new mailbox that Cale made me.

How peaceful is this.

This was one of those moments I would have missed had I not looked out the window at the right time.

Life is busy, but I want to enjoy the place God has so graciously provided me with the people He lets me enjoy it with.  Life may not always turn out how we think or hope, but the journey is always sweet with God leading the way.  My job is simply to obey and follow.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! What a beautiful spot you call home! I really enjoyed taking the grand tour today!


Jennifer said...

God has certainly blessed you with a lovely home and beautiful property! Everything looks lovely...and, my oh my, what a lot of impatiens!! They will be beautiful once they fill out.

Love those tractor shots!! I know you do - but enjoy all those blessings!!:)

Grace said...

I love your yard. I totally know how wonderful it is to own your own home! God pours blessings out on His children. Keep on posting I can learn from your tips.

Sharon said...

It's a beautiful place! Serene is the word that comes to my mind. :)