Friday, April 9, 2010

Cale's Handiwork

Cale's Pa-Pa wanted a Martin Birdhouse.  Cale asked Bro. Sidney from church about the specifications of one and Cale also got online and did a bit of research, and then, he went to work on it.

If I were a Martin, I wouldn't mind living in the hotel!

The finished product.  I think his PaPa will be pleased.  Notice the roosting bar at the top.


BECKY said...

Your Cale is something else! We don't have boys so I just enjoy them and what they do through friends and other family members! What a joy he is to you, and I would live there too!!

Hope your week has been wonderful. I have had some physical issues but hopefully they will get resolved today at the chiropractor!!

Love you gal!

Jennifer said...

Oh I think his PaPa will be very pleased will all the martins in your area!! Cale is so talented - I know he just makes your mama's heart swell:)

Kathey, David, and Josh said...

Cale, we know Mr. James is very proud of you developing your carpentry skills, as well as your dad and mom.