Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bodock 5K, 8-14-09

Cale and Noelle smile on the way to the race!
Noelle is glad to get to go to Cale's race. Most 5Ks
are on Saturday mornings and she works every
Saturday. This one began at 8 p.m.
Just us George girls!

Noelle, Claire, Stephanie, and Kathy before the race

Scot and Cale before the race

Boys will be boys!!! (even the big boys!) Ha.
Cale stretching and Jimmy pushing???

Stretch boys stretch!
Coach Heather doing her thing: coaching!
Alot of Spartans participated; all did great!

I think around 300 people ran...

Run people run!

Mrs. Kay Bain entertained at the Bodock Festival

The girls had their picture made with Kay

Even Elvis was at the festival

David and Josh ran a great race!
Here they are enjoying a healthy snack after the race.
Cale and his fan club!


Julie's Journal said...

Clay and I liked all the pictures! Cale did really good.

Hannah said...

I saw every body's results on the internet and everyone did GREAT! I miss xc SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Hopefully I can come to a few races to cheer people on!

Love ya!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I just love reading about things your family does together! I think that's just SO great! Mississippi

BECKY said...

YAY Cale!! My sweet friend, how is your transition going? Trusting that all is well, and that you are settling in! Looks like everyone had a good time at the race!!

Hope your weekend is full of good stuff!!

Love and hugs,