Monday, August 17, 2009

50 Random Things


50 Totally Random Things about Liesa George

This was a Facebook Tag, thought I'd share it on Life By George.

1. I am Liesa (i before e exept after c!)
2. I was born the first time March 1 in Red Bay, AL.
3. I was born again April 26, 79 at New Bethel Baptist Church in Belmont.
4. I have brown eyes and hair.
5. I did not go to Kindergarten.
6. I loved all my teachers at school.
7. I enjoyed playing with Barbies, Baby dolls, & Paper dolls.
8. My mother read to me and/or colored with me every day when I was little.
9. I loved to smell my daddy when he got home from work. (saw dust)
10. I graduated from high school in 1983.
11. I layed out and swam alot each summer.
12. I am a licensed Cosmetologist.
13. I met Scot the end of May, 84.
14. We married June 22, 85. "To Me" is our song.
15. We lived in Kenner, LA when we first married. (Scot was an underwater welder-diver)
16. I loved our wedding...just perfect!
17. I do NOT want to do the renewing vow thing!
18. I was not nervous on my wedding day.
19. God blessed our home with Noelle JoBeth Nov. 88.
20. God blessed our home again with Cale Scot Dec. 92.
21. I loved being pregnant!
22. I loved rocking and singing to my babies.
23. I lost alot of weight when Noelle was a baby because I'd forget to eat.
24. I would rock and sing to Cale in my Indian voice...he loved it!
30. I miss my grandparents.
31. I collect houses, churches, Christmas ornaments, pretty pottery and dishes.
32. Pink is my favorite color.
33. Pink roses, red roses, white roses, and daisies are my fave. flowers.
34. I have zero self confidence.
35. I have 100% confidence in God.
36. It's a joy to serve God and others. JOY = JESUS, OTHERS, YOU
37. I have written several songs. (God gave them to me, I just held the pen)
38. I have been singing since I was 2 years old.
39. I play the piano by ear. (very limited in choice of keys though)
40. My hobbies include reading, photography, writing, blogging...
41. I am a HUGE LAKER FAN!
42. I love watching MLB.
43. I love ice-cream!
44. I enjoy eating out.
45. The Sound Of Music is my all time fave. movie.
46. Disney World was the best vacation I've ever had.
47. I take my coffee black and my tea unsweet..with no pink stuff!
49. I desire to be faithful to God all the days of my life.
50. Liesa George is Queen of Blessed! God's been good in my life!


BECKY said...

You are just too cute for words Liesa George!! So great to read your list! How fun!!

Hope all is well with you! Summer has been so busy for everyone! I'm looking forward to us all having a little more time to visit!

Love and hugs to you, sweet friend!!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Wow! I sure learned a lot about you today! The only thing that really surprised me was when you said you have zero self-confidence! You are so talented and beautiful inside and out that you should have lots of self-confidence.
I enjoyed reading your list! Mississippi

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Okay, you forgot to eat?? I wish that would happen to me!!! And why didn't you go to kindergarten?? Great list!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I remember now that some school districts didn't have kindergarten. And I also remember that it was more like preschool and not much learning, just singing and snack time and play time. More like getting you use to separating from your parents. I had a hard time separating and when I was in first grade my father always had to stand with me in line in the playground and hold my hand and walk me to the door, or I would cry. One day he couldn't do it. He an important meeting to get to. So what did he do? He asked the principal to stand with me. He did and held my hand and walked me to the door. My father was wonderful in taking care of me.