Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Am Not Being Rebellious!

I am a firm believer in 'trying' to take one day at a time, enjoying each season as it comes, and accepting the weather as the Good Lord sees fit to give it.  I honestly cringe when I hear people say things like: "I can't wait until the weekend!" (when it's only Monday!)  "I hate Mondays!"  "I can't wait for cooler weather." and then, when it's cooler weather, "I hate this weather, I wish Summer would hurry and get here."  I've been guilty of some of the same, especially when I was younger, but I've just come to the conclusion that each day is a gift from God.  We can be cheerful and speak blessings, or, we can wish our lives away.  For instance, I live in Mississippi, so, I expect the weather to be very unpredictable.  Why we act so surprised when we are sweatin' down to our undies in July is beyond me.  And on the other hand, unlike this past Christmas, we can 'dream' all we want, but, most years, if you live in Mississippi, you won't have a White Christmas!   I remember one Christmas, we had the windows raised, the ceiling fans going, and we were wearing short sleeved shirts.  You Just NEVER Know!  Don't be surprised if you turn on the air conditioner in the day time and the heater at night anytime in October through April, IF you live in Mississippi.  So, I figure, taking one day at a time weather wise is one way to cut back on stress.   Moving on to Mondays!  Monday mornings are a gift, just like Saturday mornings.  Why do we hate Mondays?  Monday morning is a nice, clean, fresh beginning; REALLY, it is!  And who knows; Tuesday may never be ours to enjoy.  Do you hate Winter?  Spring may never come.  My point?  Enjoy each day as if it's the only day you just could be!  Do I ever complain?   Yes, I am human.  BUT, I am aware of when I do complain about such as I've written here, and, I try to stop, repent, and thank God for the generous gift of life.   There are many good things about each season.  God gives us variety.  Seasons are sort of like meals; most people don't want the same thing to eat all the time, and if the weather were the same all the time, I know I'd get a bit bored and tired of it.  I love rain, but when we go for days at a time and all we see outside is rain, I'll be the first to admit, it begins to wear on my nerves!   That's the way I've been with the snow lately.  We've had more snow since Dec. 25 than I remember having in a month in my lifetime.  Christmas morning, the snow was exciting and pretty; I ran outside and played!  January 10th, I made some snow cream, but stayed in until late that afternoon.  That was the day we had 7 inches.  Needless to say, there was still snow on the ground for over a week; snow lost some of it's excitement to me...and then, last week, it came a little dusting again; and this week, again!  And yes, I've said; "O.K., the snow's been pretty, I enjoyed it, but it will be fine if we don't get anymore until next Christmas!"  I even told Noelle that I was taking my 'Winter Wonderland' background off of my blog...Of course, she was quick to point out that my blog background had nothing to do with our real live winter wonderland.  I knew that, but I decided to change my background to something more generic, just the same.  Boy, has this been random! Ha.  My point is this:  I changed my Winter Wonderland background and changed the first 3 songs on my blog from snow songs, because, I am a bit tired of snow...but, I also want to remind myself that each day is a gift that I need to accept no matter the weather, no matter which day, and no matter the season. (of the year, or the season of my life)


Megan said...

Enjoy your gift of today! :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Great reminder to enjoy each day to the fullest.

Thanks for sharing.