Monday, March 8, 2010

45 Was a WOW!

My 45th birthday began and ended with a BANG! The day after my birthday, I had to rest due to all the BANGS! LOL. It all began the Wednesday before my actual birthday which was Monday, March 1. The above picture and birthday wishes were in our local weekly paper. I was sitting at the gas station when I saw it. Cale was pumping my gas and I was sitting there and when I opened up the paper, THERE I WAS! What a surprise!

Saturday morning, there was a package in my mailbox from my friend Michelle that lives in Texas. Isn't the top so pretty? You should feel it...I will enjoy this top alot this spring and summer.

THEN: this same Saturday, Scot came home from work after lunch and had Cale lock me in my bedroom! Nothing is simple around my house! Now, most people would have just told me to close my eyes, but of course my family knows me, and I honestly would have peeked! lol. OK, so they lock me in my room, and Scot sets up my gifts in the living room floor. His mother and daddy had 2 rose bushes and another potted plant in Scot's pick up when he got off from work. The story gets better! Scot had told me and Cale to pick up a shovel a couple of weeks ago. The store Cale and I went to were out of shovels, so we were still shovel-less! SOOO,
Scot, being the thoughtful man he is bought a shovel on the way home from work that Saturday. AND HE WRAPPED IT IN NEWSPAPER AND DUCK TAPE!!!

This is what I saw when I came out of my room.

I graciously let Scot use MY shovel to dig holes for my rose bushes.

That evening, my parents took me out for my birthday. What that means is this: We ALL get to go out for my birthday! They always let the birthday person choose the place, so I chose Friendship House Restaurant which is near Monroe Lake near Aberdeen/Wren. They have awesome food! I ordered the boneless pork chop with a sweet potato and a salad.
Here I am all nice and rosy while they are singing Happy Birthday to me. They also brought out a huge piece of hot fudge cake for me! It was sinful! My parents gave me a beautiful card and money. On the way home that night, we stopped at the post office and there were 2 cards from my friends David, Kathy, and Josh. There was a very nice card and then there was a card that David had chosen for me! He's all the time having to point out things like AGE! Ha! They had sent me a Life Way book store gift card.

On to Sunday before my birthday... our friends Billy and Debbie surprised me by visiting our church that morning. They gave me a pretty card and a gift. I also received a pretty birthstone cross necklace and card from the Weavers and money and a card from the Young's. The song leader (Bro. Herman) was on stage and I thought he was about to call out the number of the next song, and he called me and Mrs. Becky up front. She presented me with a beautiful card and a love gift from the church. What a blessed morning at church.

Debbie blessed us by singing two songs.

(The Lighthouse and Roses Will Bloom Again)

Sunday Lunch

We always eat out or with a church member on Sundays due to the fact that we are 45 minutes away from home. Our family takes turns choosing the restaurant when we eat out on Sundays. I chose THE PARK RESTAURANT in Amory.

I love their food and the atmosphere!

When I walk in, I immediately feel happy! This is the front of the restaurant. It's got an old soda shop feel to it.

When you go through the soda shop room, this is what you see! I love the neatness and the dressiness of it.
I love the fireplace, white table cloths, and live bouquets on each table. When we ate there in December, they had live piano Christmas music.

This pic. is not very clear. Noelle ordered me a LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE watch.

This is me on my birthday....

This is the precious lady who brought me into this world.
She invited me and Cale to eat lunch with her at the Belmont Restaurant.

On the way home from lunch, my cell phone rang and it was my friend Karen who owns a flower shop at town. She wished me a Happy Birthday and then asked me when I would be home. I told her I was on my way then, so she said she'd see me in a little while. The pink roses are from Noelle and Cale.

The red roses are from my parents. (I am doing my best to root the roses so I can put them in my new rose garden)

About 4:30 that afternoon, my friend Chrissy called. She and her daughter Kanah came by and visited with me a while. They gave me a card (which Kanah had written in so sweetly) and a gift certificate for a pedicure!!! Gi-Gi and Kanah

Chrissy and Liesa

After they left, our family ate supper together. I was still bouncing off the walls from all the excitement from the day. By 7 pm, my bounce had turned into a scoot! I was plum tuckered out. My friend Angie came by and brought brownies (hot out of the oven) and a bag of pretty gifts. She gave me glass candle holders, a beautiful picture frame, and some kitchen soap from B & B works. I received many phone calls, cards, emails, and happy wishes from friends and loved ones. I honestly felt so humbled, yet so very rich and blessed by all the love and thoughtfulness that surrounded me on my special day. I have to say, 45 is not that bad....I had myself a ball!


BECKY said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday! It should be called your "progressive birthday"!! Don't you just love it when it is all spread out like that?? Our family isn't so much geared to the day, but always celelbrate and often they get dragged out! More fun for everyone!

You are just such a ray of sunshine, Liesa! So glad your special day was such a blessing! That's the ol' sowing and reaping thing, you know??!!! :o)

Love you!!

Mrs. C said...

Looks like you had a fun (and exhausting)few days. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. Happy belated birthday to you. ;)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!! What a was your birthday week:) It is nice to be spoiled, isn't it?? So glad you had a wonderful time...praying that it is the beginning of a beautiful year!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to seeing you!